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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Flying Saucers, UFO's & Aliens

    (Editors Notes: My views have changed tremendously in the years since I wrote this.
I'm not sure when I'll be able to update so check in with my latest projects t ofind out more about my current views.)

 Have you ever dreamed of owning you're own flying saucer? Would you like to fly from here to Europe for FREE, in a half an hour, WITHOUT TRAFFIC! ??
     If you are like most people, (which you probably aren't considering you are here at this site), you probably think your children might see this technology some day or maybe your grandchildren, well let me tell you right now,


     Do you believe aliens first brought us flying saucer technology in 1947 when they supposedly crashed at Roswell N.M.?

     The TRUTH is that Nikola Tesla first developed the "Flying Saucer" around 1910. Tesla was responsible for many ingenious inventions including Alternating Current, Laser Beams, Particle Beams, Radio, Television, flourescent and neon lighting, Robotics, artificial intelligence and helicopters.

     THE POWERS-THAT-BE (Modern Day Illuminati) DO NOT WANT THIS INFORMATION OUT.  It would be the end of their
PETROLEUM MONOPOLY and their ability to sell oil and fossil fuels to this country as well as all the YET-TO-BE-DEVELOPED third world countries.

     The Illuminati would like you to believe that flying saucers come from ALIENS and that the Government is involved in covering this up. The Illuminati would like you to believe that Roswell actually happened. The belief in Aliens is the beginning of the formation of a NEW ONE-WORLD RELIGION where the dictates of God from the days of old are replaced by the will of Alien cultures communicating through various "Channeled" sources.

     The CIA, NSA and other British Connected Intelligence Agencies are spending millions of dollars to Propagandize the public to death regarding this issue. This is what you would call "MIND CONTROL AT IT'S FINEST"

     So, while we all have to drive around stuck in traffic and smog, paying $$$$$ out the Kazoo for gas and oil, the Secret Fraternity of Freemasons at the highest levels can fly around the planet for FREE on free-energy.

     Meanwhile, the dangerous elements of Tesla's technology are currently being employed by the Military against US and other countries. This is the height of NEW WORLD ORDER ATROCITIES. : Microwave Melt (Sound Wave) weapons, Laser Beams Blindness Weapons, Earthquake Manufacturing, Weather Control (For crop freezes and food eradication), HAARP and much more.

     At this Rate, the future children of the world might see the saucer technology in  another thousand years, if they aren't slaves working on another planet for the Freemasons.

    I studied the Existance of Aliens on this planet for about 7 years, beginning with Bill Cooper's Book "Behold A Pale Horse". I found out about Cooper several months before the book came out. I bought it right away and starting learning about the supposed "Greys" and Reptilians Etc. I have not totally dismissed this information, however, about 3 or 4 years ago around 1995 I read one of the most fascinating books I have ever read titled "Space Aliens From the Pentagon" by William Lyne. This book turned around my entire perspective. I do not think like I used to about this issue. THIS BOOK IS A MUST-READ! FOR THE UFO INTERESTED. I am not saying Bill Cooper's information is wrong, but possibly off by a few marks. (In particular relating to ET's) -- For a Review of the Information in this book go to the Catalog Introduction.

     It's a good idea to pick up and put down belief systems every now and then. Some would even say it's not efficient to have any belief systems at all. Mine have changed constantly over the years. I went through a period of time, where I examined evidence that Aliens were completely a creation of our CIA and government. I spent a few years doing research from this position. My current position is that there are (2) simultaneous situations going on.

1.) There are real aliens all around us. There are physical and non-phisical life forms all around us all the time. Our senses cannot percieve everything around us, and there is technology to help advanced races disguise themselves from our senses. There are dozens of various "aliens" and "non-human terrestrials" living in and around our physical existence. There are Reptilians. I have a close friend who had a personal experience and met one personally. I relate that story in another section of the website. There are government interactions and "treaties" in place and there are groups on both sides who disregard the treaties. Extraterrestrials have influenced humanity since the beginning of time.

2.) The Government intelligent agencies have recoverd craft, interacted with aliens and duplicated their technology. This technological "jump" has allowed them to fly around undetected by the public, and to construct large space stations and craft in space with black budget money, mostly hijacked through NASA programs. There are factions of non-government and governmental corporate agents responsible who fly around and actually disguise themselves as the aliens, doing abductions of their own and meddling in the affairs of the public, undetected. There have been cases where these "covers" have been "blown" and then it appears to the researchers that the whole program is one big mind control operation, but it's not. There are elements that are real and elements that are staged. Possibly some of the "blown covers" could have been intentional in order to keep researchers confounded.

One very good source for information about the ins and outs of these operations are the conversations extracted by Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project. I do believe he has an agenda, and I don't believe all aliens are benevolent, and we have nothing to be concerned about. There are concerns. There are negatively polarized aliens.

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