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United Nations

UN or US Flag

     What is the purpose of the United Nations? Where did it come from and where is it going?
     Is the United Nations a vehicle for a One-World Government? What are the Militias raving about?

     First, take into consideration the MASONIC MOTTO : ORDO AB CHAO or "Order out of Chaos". If indeed there was a global conspiracy to create a one-world government, then there would have to be WORLD WARS in order to create a NEED FOR PEACE. Once those World Wars have been fought, then it would be alot easier to bring in a One-world Governing Body to Unite the Nations of the World.
     Who do you think financed the World Wars?
     Who do you think created the United Nations?
     Thankfully, we have authors with VERY HIGH CREDENTIALS Like Antony Sutton, who worked as a fellow researcher at the HOOVER INSTITUTE, who have written a number of incredible books over the last 20 or 30 years exposing the WALL STREET BANKERS as the source of financing for the build-up of the Soviet Union from 1917 through the 1970's and beyond as well as the financing of the HITLER war machine in NAZI Germany. Sutton explains that the reasoning behind this lunacy is at the root "Hegelion Philosophy". The "Group", otherwise known as "Skull and Bones" the super secret society from Yale, all have taken time studying over in Germany under Hegelian philosophers. The Hegelian Philosophy asserts a thesis and antithesis. Create CONFLICT, create PROFIT, and come up with a synthesis. Have you ever notoced that our society is becoming more of a SYNTHESIS of SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, and an OBSCURED form of CAPITALISM. Well the United Nations was the Synthesis / Solution to the World Wars.
     Sutton has written extensively on these issues in his volumous books including "Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917-1971 (3 Volumes). "Wall Street and the rise of Hitler", "Wall Street and FDR", "National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union", "Trilaterals over Washington", "Gold vs. Paper", "Energy : The Created Crises", "Wall Street and the Bolshevic Revolution", "America's Secret Establishment : An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones", (The 1st book to officially expose this secret banking fraternity) in 1984, and "The Two Faces of George Bush", which goes into  George Bush and his Father's background with Brown Brothers and Harriman Bankers and the Morgan Stanley Bank. From "America's secret establishment : An Introduction to the Order of skull and bones", "The FIRST chairman of an influencial but almost unknown organization established in 1910 was also a member of the Order. In 1920 Theodore Marburg founded the American Society for the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes, but Marburg was only the President. The FIRST Chairman was member William Howard Taft. (1878 Initiated into Skull and Bones). (Taft's father Alfonso Taft was one of the two original founders of Skull and Bones in 1832). The Society was the forerunner to the League to enforce the Peace , which developed into the League of Nations concept and ultimately into the United Nations." ..."In United Nations we find, for example, that Archibald McLeash (Initiated into Skull and Bones in 1915) was the brains behind the UNESCO organization."
     The FREEMASONS have been trying to create a One-World Government for a very long time. Even going back as recently in history as 1917, they attempted to create an international congress of Unified Nations. This is NOT a recent plan. That is what must be understood. Centralization of control is always sought by people exercising control. The Secret Societies under the control of Freemasonry have worked long and hard for their plans and are not about to give up. We are in the New World Order, where LINES and BORDERS are being chipped away in favor of GLOBALIZATION and TRADE BARRIERS are slowly coming down as well. This Economic hegenomy is meant to create an ARTIFICIAL DEPENDENCE of one Nation upon another. This will ultimately lead to a domino effect if the boat is rocked at all, thus causing econimic emergencies of a global proportion which it will be claimed only the United Nations can or will be permitted to solve.
     Just like the Central Federal Government, Taxes and like means of support will have to be EXTRACTED from the American People in order to support the MONSTROUS CREATION. There have been reports of Torture at the hands of U.N. Troops, while they are supposed to be "Peacekeepers". WHAT A LIE! Would you consider TWIRLING A SOMALI CHILD OVER AN OPEN FIRE LIKE A ROAST PIG, A "HUMANITARIAN EFFORT".

These pictures are real and were taken in Somalia.

UN Torture

* MSNBC Report of Abuse of Somalis by U.N. Peacekeepers!! "Disturbing the Peace"

* November 1995 Readers Digest Report Report on U.N. Abuses

* Soldiers who held boy over fire go free - By Robert Fox

      We can bear alot of knowledge of what goes on in other countries and not do anything about it. We are very good at that here in America sitting on our comfortable couches and watching T.V. But what are we going to do when this problem is in our own backyard? And at this point, who in the world will care? They'll just sit back and say, "Well they allowed it to happen to other countries so they deserve it.
     Did you know that several weeks prior to the bombing in Oklahoma the Legislature had passed a resolution calling for the withdrawal of the U.S. from the U.N. and calling for the end of our participation in New World Order Operations. Currently, there are United Nations troops here in America and they have been involved in house to house search and siezure of weapons in housing projects in several states.

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