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Weather Control

   Is it strange how, when we are in the middle of summer, it can be raining out, and one day it is very "hot", the next day it is 15 degree cooler, and two days later, it is "hot" again?  Does this seem strange? How about earthquakes in parts of the world, that are so devastating, that if they were to happen here, our whole economy could be ruined.
     Do you think it is "odd" that people would suggest that the government can and does control the weather?  I KNOW it sounds a little paranoid, but if you do the research to investigate, you will undoubtably arrive at the same conclusions.

   It all began with a Serbian fellow named Nikola Tesla, who came here to the United States in the late 1800's at the turn of the century. Tesla was a true "genius". Tesla had invented or discovered, the Radio, Television, Neon Lighting, Alternating Current, Partical Beams, and there is much reason to believe he was involved with building the world's first flying saucer projects equipt with Free-Energy. Tesla had figured out how to "tap" the abundant electricity generated by the earth's rotation. The same electricity
which causes lightning, which we can visibly see.

   Tesla was also known for having developed ways to use "Scalar Electromagnetics". The use of which could be for "Good" purposes or "not so good" ones. One of the "Inventions" he had, he called the "Earthquake Machine". He claimed that with the "Press of a button", he could split the Earth in two. There are also variations of this, depending on the frequency used and the ocillating rate. A small tremor could be produced, or a huge catastrophe.

   To read more about Nikola Tesla, his background, and Flying Saucers - Click Here!!

   Currently, the military has control over this technology and is using it in a number of ways. The main use of it for weather control, I believe, is a project in Alaska called HAARP. This stands for High Auroral Arial Research Project. The "Official" story behing this can be checked out by going to the Offical HAARP Home Page. Be aware though, that the Army has created a "Cover" for what this
Project "Really" is. The project is for "Weather Control", however, they claim it was created to "Monitor" the waether patterns, and such. This is total Bulls**t. If you believe that, I have some "Prime" real estate, farmland, and fruit orchards to sell you, in Alaska, that is.

   Nick Begich is probably the best source today, as well as the first, to point out and teach about the "True" story behind HAARP, and how it all got started. (I am not very scientific, although I understand alot. So I will not go into things I cannot explain or discuss on my own here. You can read these people's writings for yourself to get the best understanding. I am only going to convey the basic message here.) Since Nick's book, "Angel's Don't Play this HAARP" came out a few years back, there have been
several other good sources of information that have come along. To read a summary of the book - Go Here

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