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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


My Thoughts on Political Activism - Approx. 1998

  I have been an activist myself, since 1989, when I first started working for Greenpeace, going door to door. I learned a few things while doing canvassing work. One of the things that I learned early on is that in order to teach people anything, you have to be willing to listen to what they have to say, and also, you have to be prepared to admit you are wrong when better information comes along, or pops up in a conversation. I believe this understanding has allowed me to "move on" where I have seen other activists "go nowhere", or progress very slowly. But, now we are talking about "relatives". Everything is relative.

     What are you trying to accomplish?  What is the real meaning of activism? What changes would you like to see occur? First you must have a goal in mind in order to be active. Being "randomly" active is not going to accomplish very much. What do I mean by "randomly" active? Well, going around doing different things because you think you are getting something done. Being involved in many different things without a particular dedication. Just trying to do good work, but not focusing really on what you are trying to accomplish. I think there are alot of activists that fall into this category, and yet, call themselves activists. One example of this is : People who go to protests in general, without regard to what it is they are protesting. (I am not talking about meaningful organized protests like the IMF/World Bank Seattle Protests, just your average, "let's go out and protest" attitude, protester)

     So, say, you are into helping children. So you become a social worker, and find yourself taking children away from their families. This would be an example of "disaster active", in that you never really thought about what you were getting into, but convinced yourself it was "good", and in the end, you did more harm than good. Or the doctor who wants to save the children and help old people and administers vaccines which end up causing "sudden infant death syndrome" or heart attacks or whatever. These "do-gooders" are nothing but accidents waiting to happen, and as much as they believe they are accomplishing something, they are taking 2 steps backward for every one step forward.

     If you are going to be an "activist", and spend your time trying to do something beneficial, then at least, get something accomplished. If your whole life is spent protecting the environment and then when your 80, you come to find out that ALL of those problems were put there intentionally in order to pass cleaner air and cleaner fuel standards, and that ALL the major environmental organizations are FUNDED BY THE CORPORATIONS they claim to be working against, and that all the environmental "activists" out there are really little "corporate promo cardboard cut-outs", then you have to sit back and realize that you really accomplished NOTHING the whole time. (This is by no means a put-down of all environmentalists, since I was once one, and I know that the heart is in the right place. I have to say, that I have more admiration and respect for Julia Butterfly Hill than for most people on this planet, but unlike alot of activists, she actually accomplished something important. As far as I'm concerned, we could put every logger out of business for good, and I wouldn't have a problem at all with it. Let them learn a new trade or skill. Ever heard of the word "change"?)

     By now, you are probably wondering what my idea of activism really is? Well, I spent 10 years, almost every day, on venice beach sharing information about the new world order, hemp, secret societies, and alternative health therapies. I spent 8 hours a day / 5-7 days a week educating people about the things I knew, and putting myself out there as an information repository, or the way I thought about it (a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean on a dark stormy, foggy night.) And now, I have taken that information and put it on the Internet for all to see, read, and learn about. So, in other words, what I consider activism, are the things that I am doing.

     I realized long ago, that I could deal with all the problems that were created by the secret societies, and keep cleaning up each mess that was made, and then they would just create another mess, or, I could deal with the mess-makers themselves, and "clean house". I came to realize that there were plenty of people out there who understood the "problem-reaction-solution" and they would do just that, react and solve each problem that was manufactured. Like Amazon rainforests in Brazil, or Exxon Valdez and the oil spills etc. But, at the same time, I realized that there were very few people who realized that ALL of these problems were being created by a certain group, or groups, of people, and that THEY needed to be addressed. So, that is where I come in. I felt I understood the cause of the problems so well, that instead of going and rebuilding each house the dragon knocked over, I would just go out and "knock over the dragon". (Not that I would really ever want to kill a dragon, they're so cute and I do love reptiles. (I didn't say reptilians, I never met one, and I don't know if I would be very fond of them or not)).

     The kinds of activism that I think help out are things like "information machines". When a system can be put into place, which is self perpetuating, meaning it makes enough money to keep itself afloat, and it can keep delivering information (real information, or course, like this website), then you have something worthwhile, and that just needs to be multiplied. -- You see, everyone thinks that things can be changed overnight, like Rome was built in 1 day. It takes time for a population to change it's way of thinking, and it can only happen after information is released to the general public and enough people receive it. So, anyone who thinks they can go out and "effect immediate change" is either on drugs, delusional, or has not thought very carefully about what it is they are up against. The Internet has made it possible for people to be doing good "activist" type projects, very easily, the only problem is, what are they focusing on? Some B.S. which doesn't really matter, or something positive, that actually accomplishes something.

     It was really hard for me to search out and find ANYTHING out there that was not under the control of the secret societies. That was, until I learned about Hemp. Hemp is the biggest "thorn" in the side of the beast, that could ever exist, and something they absolutely are not involved in, except to keep it prohibited. I spent a few years helping out with that cause, and collected the most signatures in California, two in initiatives in a row. 1991 and 1994. Since then, Jack has not put together another one, or I will most likely be involved. But, the reason I brough this up here was to say that there aren't many things out there that the powers-that-be, don't control. So, activism can be a hard thing to do, when you are trying to avoid being a "pawn in their game". Remember, the new world order loves activists. (That don't know they are really working for the system, and who put ALL of their love and enthusiasm behind what they do, day to day.)

     Well, actually, as of this writing in 2008, Jack Herer HAS launched another initiative for the 2008 Ballot in California. It will be fun to be a part of.