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Life is an Illusion :
A Mason's Game of Chess

Dec. 10, 2001 - Update 2017 - (I use the term Mason here because its easy to point the finger at them collectively, but I may have been rough on them and singling them out in my earlier years. The Masons are used, as a secret organization, just like Jews are used as a religious scapegoat for Zionist doings. Not all Masons are bad, and in fact, I believe many are good, but they are mostly unaware of the real goings on within the fraternity. The same with Jews in relation to Zionism. What I am really referring to here is the "system" many of us call "Babylon". Its a patriarchal system that is based on consumption and rape of natural earth resources for the ultimate goal of "profit" (Capitalist system) which is at the heart of these matters. But, reading back on this, I really like it so I left it intact, but had to bring up this clause first. Enjoy!)

But don't be fooled by the radio
     The TV or the magazines
     They show you photographs of how your life should be
     But they're just someone else's fantasy
     So if you think your life is complete confusion
     Because you never win the game
     Just remember that it's a Grand illusion
    And deep inside we're all the same.
    We're all the same...

    So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because your neighbors got it made
Just remember that it's a Grand illusion
And deep inside we're all the same.
We're all the same...

    America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition
Get yourself a brand new motor car
Someday soon we'll stop to ponder what on Earth's this spell we're under
We made the grade and still we wonder who the hell we are  --  (Styx - The Grand Illusion)

   What is there to life?... What is the goal?...  What are you here to do?

    No matter what you choose to do in life, there will always be somebody regulating that activity.

    Have you ever stopped and wondered about how that could be?...  When someone is regulated by an activity, it implies there is someone else who knows better, and that you must do it their way, or face some sort of punishment, fine, imprisonment etc. In other words, it is either "their way" or the "highway".

    It appears that there are no avenues in life that one can live, be free, happy, without interfering in others lives, yet still be free to live their own life. Every job, business, employment opportunity, or profession is regulated by anywhere from 100 to 10,000 codes, rules and regulations. Does this appear normal to you? ...   Now, think for a minute what it was like 100 years ago in the early part of the century, or 100 years before that around the time this land was "settled".

    I am certainly not saying that we don't need ANY regulations, but I am merely bringing up a point here. There is nothing you can do that is not controlled somehow by other forces (secret societies). These groups, working in concert and set up by several families and powerful bloodlines, have built a world all around us that we, now, in this day and age, actually believe is "real".  We believe that the world around us is actually put there, and built collaboratively by humanity, through our subconscious.

    I propose, as others have as well, that the morphogenic field of the Earth is being manipulated by these groups of people. That the thoughts, ideas, inventions, and arts are all being manipulated at a suble level before they even touch down on the planet into our individual consciousnesses. Here is an example : The scientist who builds and designs an airplane cannot do it effectively if he has knowledge withheld from him about the Earth's magnetic grids and laylines. He can only build a conventional airplane. However, a scientist who has been allowed access to particular knowledge that is withheld, could put together a airplane that could glide along the magnetic lines of the earth. The key point being that if humanity overall is unaware of these concepts, then humanity cannot impliment them. Likewise, the doctor who has been trained in surgery his whole life because that is what the medical institutions have taught him, is equally blind in his knowledge to wholistic therapies and their applications. This doctor's entire reality is dictated by his limited knowledge of what has been taught to him, therefore he is precluded from having visions or realizations about new and therapeutic applications of medicine. This is all an "Illusion" he is living under.

    The first step in controlling the population is to control the basic thought processes about what we believe to be "Reality". Now, once we have bought into this "trip" we all call "reality", it is even easier to "accept" everything around us, BUT it is all made up for our distraction. It becomes even harder to realize, then.

    Have you ever wondered what happens when somebody declares bankruptcy? How does anyone get paid? Where does the money come from to make everyone happy and replace the money that was lost, stolen, spent etc.?   It is all written off. But most people don't think about that. They look at it in terms of "tangible assets". That too, is an illusion. The money that we use is an illusion, as well as the jobs we hold and the things we buy with the money that isn't real either.

    Have you ever seen someone who is dressed up in a suit, attending a meeting, about to secure a deal with a large contract, about to strike it rich, all worked up, and ready to go. What are they doing this for? Do they actually believe that what they are doing is real?   Most people do!!!

    "I am going to go to school (masonic institution), and get a degree (masonic institution), so that I can go off and earn alot of money (masonic institution), so that I can buy all kinds of cool things (mason manufactured items), and I will have a new shiny car (mason manufactured), and I will buy a luxurious home (mason construction company built), and I can really enjoy life (Illusion)."

    Now that may be all great and dandy, but when the tax-man cometh.......lookout!!!

    Did you do everything at your job correctly?...  Lose your job, lose your life!!  Did you fill out all the papers for your home business properly?...  Did you make sure not to violate any regulations or codes in the process?... Why?  I'm just asking, because if you happened to set up a business, and filled out all the paperwork and signed up for your little "minny corp. USA", and you fail to read the fine print (10,000 codes, rules and regulations), then there is a slight chance you may be losing all your business (money) or perhaps even going to jail....  So, I'm just checking.....

    Now, off you go, dragged into the system, paying bail, hiring lawyers and going to court dozens of times. You risk losing everything. Why? And for what?  I just wanted to make some money, and earn a living for my family...

    So, now look at you. You have sold yourself out for the almighty dollar, whored your talents and skills for the masons to use you to design and manufacture their products and services, so that in the end they could "set you up" for the ultimate "fall". Taking out the rug from underneath your feet. Taking your entire life away from you with the blink of an eye. Because you read the bible to your children, or because you failed to update your records, or perhaps, they needed someone to pin the blame on and just chose you for the hell of it, or maybe they didn't like your political views or perhaps your website...

    It is them (masons) who have created the money, that you chase after, it is them (masons) that have created the jobs that you go after, it is them (Masons) that have created the systems of government that you are ruled under, and it is them that administer the courts that you are tried under, and it is them (Masons and bonesmen like George W. Bush Jr.) that own the corporations (Wackenhut) that own the jails (corporations) that you sit in when they decide they don't like you, or it is time to "lease you out" (make money off you).

    Do you have a 9-5 job working 40 hours a week?  Do you think you are free? If you said "yes" to both of these questions, you have already lost your mind, so you may as well stop right here. Go back to the corporation that stole your brain and tell them you want it back, along with the 15 thousand hours you spent out of your life slaving for them.

    Now back to my original question... What is there to life? Why are you here? And .....What are you going to do with yourself?  Live a life that is an "illusion"? Or spend your time trying to "fix" the problem?  Or live life for yourself, not caring at all about the New World Order or the powers-that-be because they are not in your reality?...  The only problem with the last option, which is my favorite,... is that when the peace makers ignore the warmakers then the warmakers fight with each other for several decades, building up their weapons they use against each other, as well as their arnies of trained fighters, and one day, the warmakers decide to band together to take over the beautiful colony of peacemakers, and the peacemakers are helpless because they sat around having peace for so long, they ignored the build-up of arms and strength the warmakers were quietly assembling. This is the paradox we are in as peaceful people. Krishna was a peaceful person too, but when turned to war, was the mightiest of all in the land. Arjuno and his army were no match for Krishna.

    So, If you have ever waited in line at "Ikea", YOU are the person I am talking about, here!!!
WAKE UP!!!  Life is an illusion and all the world's a stage, and you are playing the "fool", when waiting in line at "Ikea". This is just an extreme example here of radical consumerism. There are many "fool" positions, take for example the "politician", or the "lawyer", or the "President of the UNITED STATES (Disneyland) , "Mickey Mouse" (George W. Bush Jr.).

    The masons have a term they like to use. It is called "Hoodwinking". It is what happens when the "wool is pulled over your eyes."This is the "game plan".  HOODWINK HUMANITY!!! -- Convince the world's populations that the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is the way to do all transactions, but don't tell them anything about it. Just keep it a secret and operate everything according to the rules of "simple contract". When they complain, tell them "there's nothing I can do about it, that's just the way the system works". When they are really operating under "presumption", and you don't disagree, because you don't know how to disagree to begin the.

    The very moment you "believe" that this system is "real" they have "got you" 100%. NOW, you have fallen into their little trap, and you must answer to Mickey Mouse (George Bush Jr.) as your oppressor. If you think to yourself "boy i've got something to say to Mickey Mouse" when I see him, they may take you off to the looney bin. For talking to cartoon characters. Do normal people talk to fictions or talk to walls? The answer is NO! The system is a "Fiction", an "artificially created civil debtor entity". How many people are out there are talking to walls and cartoon characters?  Plenty! And we have convinced ourselves that what they do is normal.  - "Everbody's doing it" - "It's o.k. to talk to cartoon characters". So, now it seems, today, that if you don't talk to walls or cartoons, you are "out of your mind".

    Is a corporation "real"? Does it have feelings? How about the UNITED STATES corporation set up in 1871 in the District of Columbia? Does it have feelings? Can it be hurt, or even injured? ......  Is there a chance that maybe, all along, you really shouldn't have been communicating with the UNITED STATES? That maybe you should have set up a corporation to communicate with the UNITED STATES corporation? Then you wouldn't be assumed to be the corporation that was in contact with the UNITED STATES, would you? --- The problem here is that this was already done for you when you were born and they set up your "Birth Certificate". Did you notice that the name was in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? They gave you a corporation and called it "YOUR NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS". But since you didn't realize this, you, yourself, in the flesh and blood, have been comunicating with this monster corporation called the UNITED STATES, and they have been assuming that you, the flesh and blood person, is the "fictional corporation" that they set up in your name.

    So, they actually HAVE GOT YOU TALKING TO WALLS AND CARTOON CHARACTERS, haven't they? And believing that their buildings and offices and policies and regulations are "real", when in fact, they are an animation of fiction. The money in your pocket isn't even "real" and most of the people in society today believe it is. This is called - living under an "illusion".

    The Masons have got us so "hoodwinked" that we will "sell off our souls" to "pay off our debts". (That don't even exist.)

    Some people out there might think to themselves, "So what. I have time to do what I want and I am as free as I want to be". The only thing is this, here : Out of 24 hours in a day, once you subtract 8 hours for sleep and 8 hours for work that leaves you with only eight hours. If one hour is spent preparing for work, getting to work, and another getting home from work and recooperating, then, now, you are left with 6 hours a day to do whatever you need to. Time to eat. Takes an hour a day at least. Errands or things you have to do, but don't really want to, like going and standing in line at the post office or the bank to pay your bills. Another hour here and there. Eventually you have only very little time left to even think! That is why people have been running themselves ragged chasing the dollar and killing each other over it. Because they don't even have time enough to think long enough to realize what the Masons have done to them. (When I say "Masons", I am referring to the overall global power structure, including International Bankers and so on, not "just the Masons", and not "the masons exclusively".)

    Every major manufacturing company and most items made are made by corporations controlled by these fellows. In some way, 90 cents out of every dollar goes directly into their pocket. Whether it is in manufacturing, packaging, distribution, or retail sales, it doesn't matter, because they (masons) make out like bandits. So, in other words, there are not many things one can do in life without assisting the secret societies in conquering us all. There aren't many things we can do, which the secret societies do not control or attempt to regulate. Even the sale of sex from your own body (prostitution), the masons have to make something on it. They have set up a system in some govenments where it is allowed, but it is so tightly controlled that brothels are being forced to go out of business and whores have to pay too high of taxes. This is just an example of the death of the last vestige of freedom in the world. The freedom to make a living selling your own sexual talents or selling the service of healing or loving the lonely. Is it such a "crime" that one trades her affection for cash? Or is it a "crime" when the Masons don't get their fair share of your "ass" considering the fact that they believe you are their "chattel property".

    What do they tell you when you get worried? -- "Don't worry",

   "Everything is under control"

    What do they say when you don't get it, or understand what is going on?

    "Get with the program"

    The question is "Who is doing the "programming" and who has everything "under control?"

    It is much easier to "talk" spiritually, and alot of people go through alot just to have the time to sit at their computer for a hour or two a day to expand their mind on-line or relax, but each of us has a soul and our souls have a destiny to be fulfilled (in my beliefs), and each of us has it inside us to discover and unravel the truth about our collective reality and to broaden our consciousness. It is not in our spiritual nature to sit on the cellphone outside starbucks, smoking cigarettes, talking to our stock broker about financial deals. (This is, at the least, a description of someone pathetically "caught up" in the "illusion" of what life is all about.) I enjoy coffee myself, but I am just presenting an example of someone who, at first appearance, would seem to have no regard for their bodies (temples) and think money is the "key" to life, involving themselves, even during "play time" in their "work" and believe their "work" is "who they are".

   Everyone has a different purpose in life, of course, and some people's destiny is to be caught up in materialistic reality to learn some kind of lesson perhaps, but everyone and their awareness contributes to the overall reality that we live under collectively. So, in some way, the ignorant masses effect the conscious soul searching few. This is why it is so important that people learn about the "control groups" and "power structures" in the world. (Secret Societies etc.) Because. only then can we "move on" as a human race. We are all caught in a collective nightmare, and most people believe it is a dream because they see nothing wrong. Most people believe everything is o.k. and politicians lie but that is the way life is etc. They don't understand that very powerful forces control almost everything we see, touch, hear, create, manufacture, distribute, and purchase.

    When this realization hits the consciousness of our world (10% - i.e. "hundredth monkey"), then as they say "all hell will surely break loose". This is the moment that reality comes crashing through the window at 60 million miles per second. The people in control are going to have to "clamp down" to insure their control, leaving them almost "zero" options. This is what they are attempting to prevent at all costs. Humanity is on a crash course colliding with reality and the aftereffects are going to be devastating. It will be like in the movie "The Matrix" where all the green lines start to appear and everything becomes "clear".

    It may happen because of the stock market crashing, or perhaps some other major event, ([ed. 12-25]this was written before Sept. 11, but posted Dec. 25, I found this strange coincidence when reviewing this for posting) but I can see this on the horizon. This will further our overall understanding that we are in fact living under an "illusion" created by others, and manipulated to make us indebted to these people when we were all "born free" in reality.

    Day in and day out, millions of people go off to work. Why? Because they believe they have to.

"If nobody worked then how would anything get done. Our society would be in shambles, or at the very least, it wouldn't be what we have today. You are just a lazy bum who doesn't want to work, that's all." -

    That's what I can hear people saying right now. But, that is not the truth of the matter. Again, reality is manipulated to make people believe they have to work. I like to do certain things. I have motivation and "drive". I would do alot of things if it wouldn't play into the hands of those who control us. But I like things I am interested in. People do what interests them. Everybody needs to quite their "dead" jobs and do what they enjoy instead. Then there would be people doing all kinds of things. People are motivated by other things than "money". Just because a value is set on labor is not the only reason people work. But, what I am saying here, is that people don't realize that the only reason they are doing what they are doing is to "get the money" to do whatever they want, when they should just "do what they want" and don't waste time "making the money".

    I'm quite sure there are those who don't "get" what i'm saying and still think i'm lazy, but that is not the case here. Listen and think...please. We have no shortage of food for starving Ethiopians. We have Ethiopians who cannot afford to pay the corporations for the food!!!  This is what i'm talking about. Give the damn food to the Ethiopians and fuck the corporation, for God's sake. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    I am not making this up. This is the truth. This is the reason people are starving in Ethiopia and even in America, as well as everywhere else on Earth the Masons have their grasp. But when we accept this "illusion" we allow it to continue and we go off to work each day thinking there is nothing we can do about it. Sure there is nothing we can do, if we don't even know about it!!!

    There is no shortage of food, housing, clothing, or ANYTHING. Not even our natural resources. They are lying to us about everything to keep us under control!!  Birth control? Wrong!! Population control is the proper word. Too many people, too difficult to manage, too many IMF protesters. Too many problems for George Bush, not enough condoms for the masses. More free condoms!! There seems to be no shortage of those around.  --  More Illusions...

    Food rots in warehouses, clothes go unused and thrown in the trash, houses go unlived in, and people are starving, cold, and homeless. Why? Because there isn't any money in compassion, that's why. But we live under the illusion that it is o.k. for people to live this way, because "I worked hard for my existence" they can too. You mean because you bought into the lie and jumped through a million hoops, that others should have to as well? Do you judge the world in which you live by the values others have set on you? Do people really have to "work" to earn a living. If it is there and we can build it, and we have the supplies then all we need to do is "do it".

    The only purpose money serves is the "shadow that follows the exchange". It is not the item being exchanged, but the shadow that follows the item (substance). It is the shadow of the item, itself. We are not exchanging money when we go buy a sandwich. We are giving energy over that represents something (worthless actually), but the item is the sandwich. As long as the sandwich makes it into my mouth (consumer), that is all that matters. The money isn't edible. So, I have no use for the money, except to get the sandwich. Basically, we could use food for money, and then when we are hungry we can eat our money. That makes a hell of alot more sense. Chocolate coins are worth more than "real" coins. That is actually true, if you stop to think about it. "Real" coins are made from copper nickel clad. Hey, my thoughts are worth more than "real" coins, for that matter.

    Even the Internet is free!. Everything about the lines, the connections, the access, the web, webhosting and sites, and's all FREE!! It is already set up, and yet we pay extraordinary amounts for access and so forth...why?  Because some guy who needs "money", has to set up a "job", and has to get "paid" to do virtually nothing, so he can pay his bills, to somebody else who has bills to pay...etc., etc., etc., and that's why we all have to put up with pop ups, spam e-mail, and all the rest of the junk advertising.   But, if you stop and think about it for a minute...if there is no "real money", then nobody has ever really gotten paid, and everything still has worked out...  So why couldn't we have done it without money???  What I am saying is, that people only "thought" they were receiving money, and all the work got done, so what did we need the money for???   - Or, to think about it from another angle, if we can accept the illusion that money that doesn't exist can create material wealth for everyone, why do we accept the illusion that  people without money, which doesn't exist, should go homeless or starve to death?

If people could realize that the entire system is set up to benefit the few, at the expense of the many, all under an illusion, we could rebuild our society in a much more compassionate way. But we have to change our mindset first. Everything we believe is what makes up our reality. We need to start believing we have a chance to fix things, but that will only come from our understanding of the nature of our problems. (Secret Societies). When we understand this dilemma of the secret societies operating behind the scenes, we can start to fix the problem. At this time, very few people are able to create real art, like real movies and television and plays, which are not somewhat artificial. Even fewer are able to express themselves politically. Our society is living under this plastic facade which is like a thin layer of film on our consciousness, keeping pure light from coming through. We need to be able to express ourselves without fear of reprisals or assassinations, or the far-reaching hand of censorship. 

At this time, the media is our mind. Most people do not think for themselves anymore. Instead of allowing the television to dictate our reality, while we reflect it back in real life, we should wake up to real life and cause the television to reflect our reality.