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The Matrix, Zion & the Goddess

 Sept. 2017

What is the Matrix?
What is the Matrix as it was being portrayed, IMO, by the Watchowski sisters?

The idea of an artificial construction of a universe that ultimately enslaves us in some pod like stasis that maintains us only enough to keep us alive is an idea that centers around ROBOTS being able to take over in some way. Philosophically speaking, all one should have to do is pull out the plug in the wall, and the robot no longer does whatever it wants to anymore. Or Is there something I’m missing entirely? So, regardless, the machines could actually do this to people under the control of other people, theoretically, and we are building these enslavement systems, via advances in technology suited and geared towards the general population as the “terrorist target”.

Technology to do great harm will certainly be inflicted on our civilization based on the sheer fact alone that governments don’t build extreme fighting and dominating arms without using them. They don’t build them for them to sit on the shelf. The people are forced to fund this by a corrupt government, even though they would not choose to. Eventually this very powerful technology of many sorts might fall into the hands of some pretty bad folks, even worse than our American politicians. So, eventually, people will be enslaved very easily by force, and they probably won’t resist, being conditioned for so long to be passive sheep. And so the Matrix of the robotic surveillance, economic slavery by forced use of currencies only “officially issued”, the corralled people herded into cities, and having business restricting and living and housing restrictions imposed on them and surveilled from every street corner lamppost. We are slowly building the very matrix just like the movie portrays.

So, what are the real roots of all of this? Well, we live in a very, well, patriarchal system, and that has existed around the world for many centuries now, pretty much two or three millennia. What happened and what changed, is usually the correct direction of thinking on these matters, but very little information actually appears out there to detail how a world could undergo a complete change from one of matriarchal rule to one where patriarchy, and many people can’t even conceive it and never even knew about it. But there was a time when the world was a peaceful place, in harmony with nature, and living in synchronicity with the earth, the moon, the sun, the stars and constellations and they respected nature, the Great Mother from whom every man women and child was born. The Earth Mother, as well as their physical mother, of course. But the Earth was sacred and all its trees, forests, and rivers were highly respected. At one time in recent earth’s history it was so prohibited to cut down a single tree, that your life would be taken by community, and this existed all over the world. This was approx. 4000 or 5000 years ago, give or take a little.  That’s pretty significant, I would say.

Why is this important and how does it relate to the Matrix?  Zion is the concept of the “Paradise” or “The original source or place of existence. The place where the humans are and there are no robots or machines. Its a safety zone and a fortress protection from the mechanical world. This means, in the future, when mankind has been completely controlled down to the energy unit, and extracted by the machine we are currently building, the Zion will be understood to be the planet Earth, in its original incarnation and manifestation before the pollution of the material society filled the garbage dumps, nuclear waste filled whole landfills across the planet, oil spilled by the millions of gallons into the ocean, over and over, and before half the species on the planet had been hunted for food, pushed out of their natural habitat and rendered extinct and every tree was cut down turning placed like Lebanon in the Sahara Desert. So, I would reckon that the makers of the film, who are now both women, are very firm believers in matriarchy, and its return.

What is behind this push or why are they doing this in this way? I have no idea, but I can take some guesses. The energy on the planet is extremely imbalanced and everyone knows it. Everyone is subtly aware that there is an extreme imbalance in most societies of a male dominating rulership, and most people just don’t say anything about it because it appears to “work” and to raise any objection is to be called a “feminist”. But people like Wilhelm Reich theorized that religious influenced which repress male bi-sexuality and institute idea of guilt and shame, become expressed in violence and war in our society. I think he may be onto something there because he was a very intelligent scientist and the government didn’t like him one bit. The patriarchy guards itself by shaming men with religion and “god”, so they justify wars and missile expenditures to deal with lots of various issues, like a failure to connect with their feminine side. A failure to recognize or rather sympathize with women on the level of truly appreciating them rather attempting to always dominate them.

Religion is probably most responsible for this in every society. Woman herself has been turned into the Devil by Christianity. Ultimately, we are all one gender in spirit, which is “no gender”. Likely a combination of our inherited personalities or something would make up the composition of our spirit, so wherever there is imbalance in the universe, balance will be restored one way or the other, and this is happening now in the form of transsexuals in our society coming to the forefront, and also small children from the age of two, deciding they will not wear clothes of their "appropriate" gender, and refusing to be called the name that they do not feel fits them. This is a growing phenomenon and it not as Alex Jones likes to say, “The chemicals that are making the frogs gay”. This is children deciding things about their internal gender, on their own, before they ever know anything about sex. So, I think this is what’s happening in this regard. “Man”-kind has only for approx. 4000 years dominated women and in the last 2000 years dominated the whole earth and raped it of almost every last known resource and what we didn’t rape, we left poisoned and spoiled for any future generations to come. So, are these female traits to do these things or male traits? We should all ask ourselves right now? If left to women, would the earth be raped the way it is now and would every man woman and child be involved in a slave state system building more and more robots to further the enslavement cycle? I don’t happen to believe so, myself.

What is the Matrix movie all about then? A Return to the Sacred Feminine, and this was revealed in the final chapter of the Animatrix, called Matriculated, if anyone had cared to notice the introduction of the female spiritual element and the symbolic implications there.
In the Animatrix, IMO, it was revealed also, that Neo was not really a human being at all, but rather a simulation that the machine was running over and over to figure out how to “solve” the problem of the rebel spirit, otherwise known as the “female” or “feminine”. This was and has always been the problem with patriarchal control, it has never been able to completely control women and has always wanted to because of women’s ability to give birth. Male Gods could not compete with the goddess so they had to be imposed by force, with violence. So, there are very deep religious connotation here because Christianity has long “demonized” the woman. As well as Judaism, and Islam, for that matter. That is the essence of patriarchal religions and they breed patriarchal systems of control and violence. The machine was trying to “solve” a “control” problem, essentially that involved the “spirit” of humanity and it was the denial of this divine essence that led to the destruction of everything human, and the machines had already vanquished humanity already. At least as it was portrayed in the Animatrix.