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Playing the Game

What is your role in the game? How well do you play the game? How much do you know about the game? Do you know the rules of the game? Do you know who the other game players are? Are you even aware that you are a "game player"?

    We are all playing a game. A game designed to help us learn and grow, but mostly to enable the abilty to "experience" or believe we are experiencing certain realities, which, actually are all constructs independent of reality.

     As spirits, and spiritual selves, we are immortal, but as incarnated "humans" we are not. Have you ever dreamed, and woke up to believe for a moment, that possibly, the dream was reality, and now in, the waking state, you are dreaming?

     How seriously do you take your life? Are you afraid to die? Do you believe death is the end?

    Do you believe in extra-terrestrials? If so, have you ever truly asked yourself ....why not?

    Is your ego so big that so believe your genetic species, is the height of intelligence and spirituality in the universe?

    Regardless of what you believe, KNOW, that there are those around you, who do believe, that death is simply a transition point, and the beginning of a new life somewhere else, or in another time period.

    Our bodies are just "suits", we occupy temporarily, in order to experience the limited reality in 3rd density.

    We have this existence, that exists in 3rd density, and we also exist in higher densities that our physical bodies cannot access directly or understand completely.

    In this 3rd density existence, we believe we ARE our bodies. This is the purpose of our existence in 3rd density. To believe we are our bodies, so that we will "take everything seriously", and believe in everything we are doing as if "our lives depend on it".

    In the higher densities, like 4th and 5th, beyond the astral, or ether field, resides the ultimate complexity of our "higher selves". This "essence" is a compilation of all our learning experiences made up of ALL of our lifetimes in a multitude of time periods.

    In the higher densities, there are many "higher selves". As you progress downwards, spiriling down into 3rd density, the physical "selves" take on many different characteristics. Some are incarnated here on Earth as Humans. Some are incarnated here as on earth, as "aliens", physically born on other worlds, but residing here on Earth. Some are incarnated on other worlds as aliens, and some are incarnated on other worlds, appearing similar to "humans".

    Currently, on this world, on Earth, there are all kinds of incarnations of spirits, both "human" and "alien".

    The Earth, beyond the physical, also has a spiritual "higher self". There is also the astral level around the Earth, and in the space the Earth occupies physically, there is astral or etheric space, where there is no "physical" or 3rd density Earth.


    Why?   In order for you to learn!

    I have said before, in my writings, that we come here with blinders on, so that we could learn what we already know, but in order to have the full experience of it. If we knew everything, life would be no fun on Earth, because there would be nothing to learn, because we would already know everything. The only way you can learn, is from the experience of being there and observing or actually participating.

    Once again, I will ask you....What is your role in the game? How well do you play the game? Do you know the rules of the game? Do you know who the other game players are?

    Conspiracy theorists will either LOVE this, or HATE this, because it doesn't fit into their current paradigm or, maybe....they aren't suppose to know this, because they are "not allowed to" by their higher self, due to the knowledge being a a direct interference to their "chosen path".

     The reason people are where they are in life, is because they chose to be there, and it's part of their path. A path is chosen with most parameters in place, well before the path is taken. The path is what we choose to experience for OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL purposes, and growth. It does not belong to anyone else, and it's not the same as anyone else. It's an individual path.

    There are many races, and examples exist in nature very frequently, like bee hives for instance, that survive on the basis of "group" growth. The United Nations and New World Order is all about this path. The group is the model for the "state". The state serves a purpose, but it's purpose is to serve the individual.

    Alien races evolve on a path currently designated as "sequential". This means that each member of the race evolves only as fast as the race itself evolves. There is no indivudualism, or room for it.

    Humans evolve on a path currently designated as "simultaneous". This means each spirit evolves indivudually, in a multitude of timeframes, and personages, all at the same time, in one instance. (Time is timeless).

    In other words, Reptilians, have evolved as a race, over millions of years, have dominated and controlled races on other planets, and now humans on Earth, but are they spiritually evolved? Of course not.

    Humans have only been around a short period of time, yet we don't go around controlling races and attempting to dominating the universe. Controlling others is not a spiritual concept. All reptilians control humans, but not all humans control others. Only the ones working for the reptilians, whether conscious of it or not.

    As humans are evolving, we experience 2 different kinds of paths. A lightside path, and a darkside path. These two paths are the polarities. Ying/Yang, Light/Dark, Good/Bad -- The interesting thing about these two paths, is that no mattre which one you are on, you believe you are on the right one. Both are necessary for experience and completion of the game. Ultimate synthesis of duality, and the emergence of "balance". Without the ability to experience these two polarities directly, we cannot know what makes up the universe, and likewise, reality.

    Yin is feminine, soft, recessive. Submissive. Yang is masculine, firm, and forceful. Dominant. -- -- Light is healing, positive, uplifting. Dark is destructive, negative, and discouraging. -- -- Good is relative, and so is Bad. So, what is the real difference? The only difference is "experience".

   With all of above in mind, where do we stand, currently, in the United States, or anywhere in the world, today?

  There is an excellent book that I recommend reading for anyone interested in this philosophy or truth. It's called Matrix 5 by Leading Edge Research and Val Valerian. Approx. 90% of what I have written here are my own thoughts. The information about Sequentials and Simultaneous Incarnations comes from this source, the Matrix 5.
   For most of my life my beliefs have been pretty much aligned with the information in this book. I would recommend it highly to anyone who considers themselves "spiritual" and is on a "spiritual path".
   For the last 20 years or so, I have been researching to one degree or another. There are very few things I felt I didn't understand in my "world view". In other words, I felt most things made sense to me, and I had very few questions, except for the questions I have had about extraterrestrials and their purpose in our world, and our purpose in theirs. My spiritual views have always been pretty solid, and I have always, for as long as I can remember, had a genuine sense that I knew I was a spiritual being having a physical experience. I also realized at one point in my past, that "experience" was more important than "good" or "bad" or "right" or "wrong", in relation to "spiritual growth". Matrix 5 was like the last piece of the puzzle for me, and I am very happy to have read it recently.
     This book DID help me understand a few things I didn't understand previously. That information has to do with how beings are incarnated and how incarnational cycles work, and what purpose they serve. If you want to know the last few "keys" that have not been available to humanity previously, they are in this book. Once again, I highly recommend it. Click Here!! to learn more. (