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Why Conspiracies Interest Me and How I Stumbled Onto All Of This

Alot of people ask me , "What made you go in this direction in your life? Why do you pursue conspiracy theories?"
The answer could probably be explained best like this. When I was younger, I had ideas about the way everyone lied to me about reality. I knew they were lying to me in Hebrew school, and I knew they were lying to me in elementary, junior and high school. I really can't explain what it was that made me so convinced in my heart that everyone was lying. But, I was thoroughly convinced. It did seen as though, most people weren't aware that they were lying because alot of times it would be obvious they were talking about something they knew little about or I would later find that they just didn't have a thorough enough understanding with which to make a statement about something. (People will talk about alot of things they know little about, but they don't lie intentionally, necessarily, when making a false statement).

    Then one day it all came together. I took LSD when I was 15. Regardless of what you might think about this, you have to put all prejudices aside. This is what influenced me the most. Needless to say, I had an "Awakening", and I felt as though my head had just cracked out of a "shell" like a baby bird being born. Everything I thought I knew all of the sudden converged with everything I did know. (Conscious and Sub-conscious merging). And as everything was coming into perspective, I realized that "The Roads of all cities as well as Everything else in the World were paved ahead of time, way before civilization. But the question was now, Was it alien? or Secret government? That was the only question that remained.

     So I started unraveling the conspiracy first by reading "Acid Dreams : The History of the CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion".
I knew already, having studied a little on LSD, that the CIA had something to do with it way back when, so I wanted to learn more. And that's what I did. The journey has been a "long strange trip" indeed. I want to point here though, I reda this book before I ever took it. I wanted to make sure I understood what I was doing and getting into. Many of my friends had done it and told me about it, but I wanted to read up on it first and this book was a great place to start. When I realized the CIA could not use it because it caused people to tune into reality and truth too much, to the point that their use of it as a truth serum could not really work, it worked in reverse to reveal the hidden truth of everything. That's what peaked my interest the most.

      I knew that something was wrong merely by the fact that everything seemed "too perfect". The way I saw the world, I thought, "They have made things so perfect looking around us, so as to cause us not to even question our very surroundings". Houses are seperated, lawns are mowed, and people walk down the street like there's not a thing wrong in the world. Streetlights line the roads. People wake up and go to work, they drive on the roads that have all been put there, they go home and eat. sleep, and return to work the following day. By the mere fact that everything "looks perfect", makes ME very suspicious.

      It occured to me that if anyone wanted to control the world, it would certainly be very easy, since people don't really think much for themselves. It occured to me that everyone was really "asleep". They went about their day, but they never really knew they were "alive" the whole time. If they had, they would be trying to find out who was trying to kill them, and why. Tap water, television, and 9-5 jobs seemed to me to have "sapped" the "lifeforce" of the average person. The next question occuered to me : Were these people asleep by choice? Or by design? Was there a hidden element of mind-control, so complete, and so pervasive, overtaking the population of America, and perhaps the world? These thought, that occured to me while on Acid, led me to do the research that brought my awareness to where I am today. Slowly, I started unraveling the truth.

      Each time I would take LSD, reality seemed to get more and more intense. When I couldn't get any higher by myself, I would start learning things about the conspiracy. Then, the conspiracy would become weirder to me than my acid trips. This really bummed me out, because Acid was supposed to be the weirdest it can get. Well, when you study "Reality", you find it really does get weirder. So, "reality" became my new "drug of choice" as I matured.

     This website is meant to be similar to an acid trip. The more you get into it, the weirder it gets. Then, when you peak out, and start to come down, you realize that everything really is as weird as you realized during your trip, it's just that now you understand it a little bit better.

      Don't worry though. most likely, most of you will not find that your birthday falls on May 1. That's when it really gets weird.

"Successful hills are here to stay, 
everything must be this way, 
gentle streets where people play, 
welcome to the soft parade, 
all our lives we sweat and save, 
building for a shallow grave, 
must be something else we say, 
somehow to defend this place, 
everything must be this way, 
everything must be this way.....

The soft parade has now begun, 
listen to the engines run, 
people out to have some fun, 
cobra on my left , leopard on my right
Deer woman in a silk dress, 
girls with beads around their necks, 
kiss the hunter with the green vest, 
who has wrestled before...with lions in the night
out of sight.....the lights are getting brighter, 
the radio is moaning.....calling to the dogs, 
there are still a few...animals left out in the yard, 
but it's getting the underfed...

Tropic corridor, tropic treasure, 
was brought us to this mild equator, 
we need something else or something new, 
or someone else to get us through....

You've got to meet the crossroads, 
You've got to meet the edge of town, 
outskirts of the city... " -- Jim Morrison  - "The Soft Parade"