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Starwars and the Freemasons

I have long been fascinated by the movie "Star Wars". It has always been my favorite film ever since I was a kid, 7 years old and it first appeared in the movie theatres. I saw it 8 times the first year alone. But, still to this day, there is a mystique about the movie and symbols and ideas involved. There are many others out there who feel this way about "Star Wars".

    When I first started learning about the Freemasons and their control over the world, I wondered about many movies including "Star Wars" and whether George Lucas was a Mason or not. I came to the conclusion that he MUST be, otherwise he could not have put together such an ingenious movie and plot. I speculate that he might not even be the one behind it all. That maybe the entire script was written in the 'ethers' or the "Morphogenic Field" and relayed down to someone, or perhaps channeled much like the great detail of the "Urantia Book". In fact, the entire plot of "Star Wars" could have easily existed within the realms of ideas and evolutionary process described in the "Urantia Book".

    The reason I believe this very, very, far out concept might have some realm of possibility, is due to the overwhelming amounts of "spiritual truths" conveyed in the movie Star Wars. The concepts that are all yin-yang, light/dark, good evil, and it even goes much deeper than that. There are alot of subtle things going on in Star Wars that lead me to believe that one man, George Lucas, would have a difficult time coming up with this entire story. It is like believing that NAFTA or GATT were written "all of the sudden" in the last few years, when it is a fact that it would take someone a lifetime to read the whole text. Something like 90 years.

    In the newest movie "The Phantom Menace", the whole story evolves around the "Greedy Trade Federation" and the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. In a repeat telling of the H.G. Wells classic "Things to Come", a Queen Amidala is the head of a Sovereign nation "Naboo". (Nibiru/Sitchen?)

    A blockade set up by the Viceroy and guided by the Evil Emperor is "legal" as quoted by the Viceroy in the opening scenes of the movie. They are trying to force an agreement upon the Queen by making her accept Federation "guidelines". Upon learning about the "jedi" presence, the Vicery contacts the Emperor and tells him that they cannot deal with these "Jedi". The emperor makes a comment about land troops and the Vicery asks "is that legal"? - Then the Emperor replies "I will make it legal". -- This is very interesting here, because you see, out in the Star system in the supposed future and everywhere, everything that is done is "legal". But, sometimes rulers in power change the law to suit their own agenda. This is when they "make it legal", or "make it illegal". -- Adolf Hitler never broke any laws in Germany. He changed all the laws before he took over completely to allow him to take over "legally". Likewise, the Federal government never had anything against the "Montana Freemen" until they changed the laws to make what they were doing "illegal". -- But, what this implies is the forethought on Lucas' part to understand the way government and systems in general operate. He knew at what age, ? that these kind of systems were in place around the world, and that if we (humanity) were to venture into outer space, that we would continue to use these systems and that we would still have to obey the law, or "legally" change it? At what age? -

    There is a quote at the beginning of the movie which strikes me as too true. "Keep your concentration right here, where it belongs", then he is replid to "But master Yoda said I should be mindful of the future", then his master says "But not at the expense of the moment". -- Now here is some wisdom. Serious spiritual truths in my opinion, but revealed subtly in a short scene. This is "Zen" at it's best. Dowism or Buddist type philosophy. That is not that impressive by itself, but it is all throughout all of these movies. Yoda being the ultimate "zenmaster".

    A couple of times in the film, there is the quote "You assume too much". Once the first time, when the Viceroy was speaking to the Queen. She said "the federation has gone too far", he returned back with "we would never do anything without the approval of the senate. You assume too much". Then later on, it is the Queen who says this same quote. -- This is also minor and quite trivial by itself, but if you realize that "assumption" is the ONLY thing that government operates under and it is the basis for ALL commercial law and many other social principles, then it starts to become a little more important that this is a quote from the movie and it is being used more than once.

    "All slaves have a transmitter placed in their bodies somewhere" says Annakin's mom, while they are hosting the Jedi's at their home during the sandstorm. "I've been working on a scanner to try and locate mine" says Annakin, then his mom interrupts "any attempt to escape", and Annakin finishes with "and they blow you up...KABOOM!. -- Then, Queen Amidala says "I can't believe there's still slavery in the galaxy...the Republic's anti-slavery laws...", and Annakin's mom replies "the Republic doesn't exist out here. We must survive on our own. -- This is implying two things here. First, that slaves will be micro-chipped and tracked in the future, and second, that anyone who lives outside the "Republic" or the Federation (Federal Zone), is not protected by the Federation (Central One World Government). Anyone living outside, without the system's protection and CONTROL, lives in a "Mad-Max" style netherworld of merchants and traders of the lowest echelon of society, where "anything goes". -- Here we have a glimpse at what the "New World Order" really wants. A cross between "Terminator" controlling robots and a Human controlling system on top, which can be easily influenced and corrupted by the powers-that-be.

    Is George Lucas really working for the New World Order and is he a Mason? How do you propose he knew exactly what kind of system is currently being put into place, at such a young age? When history is looked into at a later date, and "Star Wars" re-emerges into society as a fad of some sort, it will be as an underground mystery of some kind. We can't even see it at this time period in history, but George Lucas will be a sort of legend. He lived from this date to this date. He wrote a series of novels in which time spanned several centuries. He wrote about these things that were not even in place yet, giving us glimpses into a possible future that was unfolding as the movies were being made. He proceeded to make a series of several movies based on the books, which took him 30 years of his life to make, and shortly after that time period all of those events came to pass. He will be looked at as another H.G. Wells, having an uncannay ability to decipher the exact future, even though he wasn't even old enough himself when he wrote it, to have unraveled history.

    What I wonder is, like H.G. Wells, who I also wonder about, "did he really write it at all?"
Did Bill Gates really come up with all the junk that Microsoft releases year after year? Did Bill create the "Windows" operating system?  -- I THINK NOT!!

    Next thing I want to comment on is the junk dealer in the movie who selld the Jedi's their Hyperdrive equipment. This is the strange bird-fellow who Annakin is a slave to and does work for. He makes a comment after the jedi makes a bet with him to save Annakin's life and he bets the pod for Annakin's freedom, if they win the race. The comment made to Annakin is "You better stop your friend from betting before I own him too". Annakin then asks the Jedi master (Quigon) what he is talking about. -- The comment I wanted to make was on the fact that this guy is obviously a stereotypical "Jew". There are a few things here that are being said that are suble as well. The Jedi tries to tell him that "Republic Credits will do", but he says he is a so and so, and that "What do you think you are, so kind of Jedi? that doesn't work with us, I am a blah, blah"... -- What is being said here is "Your Masonic hoodwinking tricks don't work on me, I am a Jew, we are immune to those mind tricks". That is what I believe Mr. Lucas is subtly saying here. -- This guy has a huge long nose, he is into gambling, and MONEY, especially. He owns slaves, and he is here telling Annakin, "you better watch your friends betting, or I'll end up owning him too". Here is another instance of Masons using Jews and making Jews look like street scum. Lucas may be Jewish, but if he is a Mason, they will use him to make jews look bad. At least that is my opinion.

    "The chair recognizes the Senator from the "Sovereign" system of Naboo." This is spoken in a parliamentary style proceeding before the Queen Amidala speaks about her country's plight. Then the chancellor speaks "The point is conceded. Will you defer your motion to allow a commission to explore the validity of your accusations". She responds back "I will not defer. I have come before you to resolve this attack on our sovereignty now".  -- This here is the entire crux of the matter of the entire New World Order. The powers-that-be want a central authority with unlimited powers and the only opposition in this world or any other are sovereign individuals, sovereign nations and sovereign planets.

    Then, a few moments later, some more brilliant spiritual philosophy on Yoda's part. During the training of Annakin, Yoda, asks him if he is afraid to lose his mother. Annakin responds with emotion, "What has that got to do with anything?". Yoda responds "Everything. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering". -- This is the essence of it, right here. I think if more people TRULY understood this, we WOULD truly have less suffering.

This page is still in progress. Much more to come.

I knowsome people think I'm joking when I say these kinds of things so I included this article to show you how serious this is : Is Jedi the New World Religion?

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