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The System (Also Known as Babylon)

Sept. 2007 - (Update 2017 - While the main aspect of this, I do believe is true, some details could stand to be changed, but I would rather leave it intact, as a snapshot of history into how I was thinking 10 years ago. Today, I do not see the conspiracy as all factions working together like I did then. I can see overlaying groups more clearly now, and they are not always in union or synch with each other. I don't see the world as being so cut and dry and simple to make boxes for everything, and then lump them all together. That is a problem in our collective thinking and how we process information, especially men who like to categorize, and compartmentalize and make logical of everything. I consider myself a victim of that at times. We are building on the mistakes of our ancestors or generations before us and many people assume too many things, without proper separation of ideas, groups and agendas.)

Is the system oppressing you?  Do you feel that the system is oppressive? Is the system "unfair"? Do you feel that the system need to be "overhauled" or "destroyed"? Is the system inherently "evil"?
These are valid questions that most people should be wondering about from time to time. I know I wondered for years, about how we could support a system that is so oppressive and evil. At least that is how I have felt in the past. And I have wondered to myself many times how is it that people completely support the system and keep supporting it, despite knowing how detrimental it is to their lives.
    Every hippy, anarchist, and freethinker I have ever known has brought about the idea that money is inherently evil, that the system needs to be "abondoned" and we need to develop entirely new systems that allow us to be free. Most people I know that are well researched have put forth the proposition that the Federal Reserve is the source of and heart of the problem. Fractional reserve banking and it's resulting inflation and devaluation of the dollar, are the causes that most learned economists argue, are at the heart of the problem here in America. That may be true, and I used to believe that, but I'm not so sure I can agree completely any more.
    New information that has been confirmed through sources in the area of Banking, and including, but  not limited to sources within the US Treasury and IRS, gives us reason to believe that there may be nothing wrong at all with the system. That's right, that's what I said. There may be NOTHING wrong with the system at all. We may in fact, have the PERFECT SYSTEM in place already here in America, and perhaps globally as well. By now you must be wondering what on Earth i'm talking about and how could I possibly arrive at this conclusions, right? Well, I will answer that.
    What if, instead of the system being screwed up, it was US instead who were screwed up? Like you and me and the rest of society, individually? What if we were so dumbed down that it was impossible to see how the system could possibly benefit us, because of our complete lack of understanding of how things within the system work.
    What if we were only looking at each cog in the wheel individually, and saw this great machine in front of us, all built up, and being used to destroy lives of innocent people? Would that make the machine inherently evil? Or would it say something about the machine? Would it say it could ONLY be used for evil purposes? Well, it would look that way to anyone viewing it from a limited perspective. Correct? But that would not mean the machine could not be used for other purposes, correct? What if the machine were only understood by a few people who were in control of it and running it, and it was THEM who were evil, and not the machine? What if we were so stupid from our public educational process, that we only lacked the understanding of how to run the machine and use it for ourselves?
    What if it were THAT simple? Would you learn how to use the machine? If you understood on a deeply spiritual, and psychic level, and saw the machine in all it's glory, for all it's uses and potential, and capabilities, and saw how it was being used to hurt innocent people? And what if you understood profoundly that it was very simple how it workeed, but people needed to be taught and ot be helped to understand it for what it can do for the benefit of the people?
    Would you learn how to use it? Would you learn how to harness it's powers and uses for YOUR purposes? Would you be determined enough to learn how it works, so that you could wrestle the power away from the individuals using it for evil purposes and redirect it's uses for beneficial purposes? What if all you needed to do was learn how to play Monopoly again? But learn it backwards?
    What I am suggesting here, is that we need to learn a lot about our history and money, and freedom, but in the end, we need to understand Redemption.

    The system is nothing more than a tool, similar to a hammer. It can be used to build things or to smash people over the head. It's very simple, actually.

    The system I am referring to here is a system that only a few people really understand, and it's mostly the Sovereigns that deserve the credit here. The Freemasonic System of Admiralty Law and International Commerce. That is precisely what I am referring to.

    There is a system in place that has kept the rich, rich, and the poor, poor, but not because it's evil, only because there are very few people who truly understand how to use it.

    People in the know, refer to them as the International Bankers. The Merchants of the Temple would be another name for them. The Knights Templars, the Temple Banks, and the whole conceot of banking in general came from the Templars. Why would you need a bank to protect your money, especially an international Temple Bank? Well, because if you don't let them control it, they will take it away from you anyways...what's why. They used to do that in the old days. Now they still do, they just call it something different. Pirate booty of the high seas is now called "Asset Seizure and Forfeiture" by the IRS. It is all done in Admiralty Proceedings. Just like on the High Seas.

    How is it that an Agency of the Government we the People created, could take naything away from us that they want to? Isn't that more akin to Communism? Well, the Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasons, International Banksters, One World Mafia Criminal Extortion Gang of Dragon Families have decided that America would become the centralized nation for law merchant to rule THROUGH law statutes of dejure Government. (I believe I phrased that accurately)

    So, what did they do?

    In America, and now internationally, they have catipulted the economies of the world into a fictional atmospheric hot air bubble. We have the Common Law, and Constitutional Law. We have Roman Civil Law, and Merchant Law, in Admiralty Maritime. And we now have local and global corporations, and before we had multinational, and now we have transnational corporations. We have the United Nation, NAFTA, GATT, and Global Treaties with a host of countries that are party to one treaty, but not party to another, and one constitutional government, being influneced by international and foreign does it all come together one must ask?

    All these systems everywhere, fictional corporations, assumptions of power left and right, presumptions of innocence , guilt, etc.....

    It appears to be a spiders web that only the most intelligent spider could use to trap it's prey.......

    That's what I thought, in the past...but now I live to see a brighter day.

    The web of manipulation is becoming easier and easier to unravel each and every day. The lines of the Matrix are becoming more and more clear, and all of the illusion is about to be wiped away.

    Who is alive? Who is real? Who is a living and breathing flesh and blood entity? Who has rights? Who has the right to contract?    YOU DO (Blessed You in all your Glory, as a living breathing, flesh and blood human being, endowed with life by the creator, the almighty. (Thank you God/dess)

    Who created the corporations, the dead, fictional, lifeless entities?

    Living, breathing, flesh and blood people like you and me. That's who created them.

    Do lifeless, fictional, dead, corpse entities have control over the flesh and blood real living people of the Earth?                  OF COURSE NOT   !!!!!!!

    But, if the real, living, flesh and blood, people are so dumbed down, and asleep on their rights, and completely fogetting they are alive, and have power, then yes, dead corporations can say and do anything they want to....why?  Because they have your consent!  That's why!

    Where does money come from?
    What IS money?
    What is "Value"? 
    Is "Value" the same as "money"?
    Where does "Value" come from?
    Who has the right to give "Value"?
    How does one go about giving "Value" to something?

    Only the living, breathing, flesh and blood human being can give value to something, and value comes after "consideration" is given. Consideration requires thought faculties that corporations are not capable of giving, of themselves.

    Fictional entities cannot entertain "thought" or consideration. Unless they are endowed with that ability, and corporations have the right to contract, just as living breathing, flesh and blood people do. But it takes a living, breathing, flesh and blood person, to SIGN for that corporation to come into existence. It required the thought and consideration of a real. live, flesh and blood human being, to breath life into the corporation.

    So, in order for any corporation to exist, their had to be a living, breathing, flesh and blood person, who created it, by SIGNING something.

    So, if a signature can create a corporation, what else can a signature do?

    Can a signature Create money?
    Can a signature Create debt?
    Is "debt" ever considered "money"?
    Are "debts" spendable?
    Corporations "spend" debt all the time.
    Are they not in essence creating "money"?

    Who has the right to contract?
    Who has the right to go into "debt"?

(if you need a little hint here     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         YOU DO !!!!!!!!!)

    WHO has the right to use their signature to create "debt" / "wealth" ???

    (Hint : Any living, breathing, flesh and blood human being on God/dess's Green Earth, that's WHO.) -- And yes, that's YOU!

    Do you truly want to be free?
    Do you want others to stop oppressing you?

    Were the French revolutionaries, Jesuitical influences truly "Tyrants"? Or were they "tyrants who wanted to truly be free?" -- And if they were truly tyrants who truly wanted to be free, then how could it come to be that they would become the oppressors themselves throughout history? Ponder these questions for a moment. Please.

    Freedom goes so far, as long as it does not oppress others. When freedom goes further, and it becomes the freedom to oppress others, then it is either done by consent or by direct force. And it changes from freedom to tyranny again. Back into it's own vicious cycle. The cycle of Freedom and Tyranny. This is what mankind is at constant dilemma to harness and understand and manipulate. It is also the heart within our hearts. The beating that we all feel.

    We all want to be free, but some people have a completely different idea of what freedom really is.

    When freedom goes so far that it resrtricts another's freedom by force, then that freedom needs to be kept in check.

    So, in our system we have the system of what we call "checks" and "balances". For every "check" there must be a "balance". The "balance is actually where we want to be. That is where freedom lies. Within "Balance".

    Our economy is naturally based on a system that goes way back before the founding of the country. The laws of merchants and high seas were around long before the establishing of any settlements on American soil. And our economy is an extension of the direct inter-relations of countries in trans-atlantic and -pacific agreements. Everything that makes up the fabric of our society has at it's roots, commerce and "expansion" of the colonies in the Americas. The great "expansion" of civilization is made possible by agreements and contracts that do not necessarily include money as a medium of exchange, or at least what we percieve and view commonly, to be money. The "expansion" of civilization has been made possible by the "extension of credit" internationally.

    Who has been extending that credit? Well, that is important, is it not? That means we owe to them a great deal, do we not? Whoever, constructed the roadway we call and live by, the economic highway, would be a group of masterful geniuses by and large, would they not be? Well, we as humanity have been going down along this road we call the economic highway, "commerce" for short, and it's ruled by a set of laws called the Law Merchant. The laws of commerce passed down for centuries, basically, the blueprint of babylon, if you will......

    Well, there have always been outlaws, right? There have always been those who did not want to play by the rules, so an entirely NEW set of rules needed to come into existance, because those are the only rules the outlaws go by, in order to show a common respect for each other, so they don't kill each other, as individual Sovereignties out there on the frontier. That is the law of Pirates or the Law of the High Seas. Take what you want, and fuckem if they don't like it. Well, if they really, REALLY don't like it, they'll kill you for screwing them, right? But not if if was done with your consent, over time, and engrained on your children down through generations and generations. Then it would not matter the level of censent, because there would be consent through , passive aquiescence. This is the way it has been done to us by the outlaw pirates, folks...wake up folks, wake up, right now, we have been tricked by a small group of criminal pirate worldwide gangster dragon families. We live under the law of Pirates now here in the United States, it's called the Law Admiralty/ Maritime Jurisdiction. And it's ruled by a set of laws. The law of the Pirates. Admiraly / Maritime International Law of Freemasonry. And it all boils down to simple contracts, folks.

   What governs the law of Contracts?
    Uniform Commercial Code governs the law of contracts. The UCC is statutized in each state. Each state formally recognizes and adopts UCC standards.
    If I was a Pirate and I want to steal your ship and all it's cargo and contents, etc., then in the old days, I would just come along and take it. But with Pirate formalities and such, as they are now a days, the UCC maintains that I must inform you of this siezure in advance, at least, in case you have any objection, or want to settle the claim somehow.

    Basically, if I wanted to make a siezure of your vessel, I would be making a claim of some kind, in fact. I would at least "claim" to own your vessel from this point on, right? So, its a form of a "claim".

    Well, if I am making a "claim" now there are courts for these matters, to hear them. So, I would bring my (or rather, your previous) vessel to court, in paper, at least, by Title, and show how I aquired my right, and if so, by what right did I aquire it, and was it done properly according to Pirate conduct. (Admiralty and Merchant).

    So, here we are in court, making claims, now, about who owns what, and for how long, and who it belonged to before that, and how did they aquire it, and was it done properly, and lawfully, and so on.

    This is where we find ourselves today, here in America, picking up the pieces and trying to figure out what we own, and who owns what, and who owes who, how much and for how long, and so on.......

    But, in the process of it all, we forgot who owns ourselves. We own ourselves. I own myself, and to no-one do I owe anything to. I owe nobody anything in this world. I owe it to myself to do the best I can. But I owe no-one any debt coming into this world. We are all born Free. Or at least we should be born Free, and have the right to be, and I realize that not all in this world are so fortunate. But nonetheless we owe nothing to anyone but ourselves, and nobody else own us, as individuals. People are Free in nature, and natural theory.

    So lets stop and ask ourselves something here. Wouldn't it be safe to assume that "if I was not aware of the process of the Uniform Commercial Code and if I was not even aware of it's existance until now", and taking into consideration how much influence it has on our lives, if you could say to yourself, "what if this has been controlling me all along, and my lack of understanding of how it all works", and if you could realize that all it takes is a determination to understand a new set of rules, a fairly simple set of rules, actually, that "wow I could actually be free in this world", wouldn;t you want to learn it as fast as you could, like the new game of monopoly?

    These are the rules of the new game.
    Simple : HJR-192 - June 5, 1933 - One Simple Rule to Remember. All liabilities have been removed from the individual, and shifted to the corporate body politic. Social Security is YOUR Limited Liability Insurance Policy indemifying YOU personally from injuries due to the removal of money of "substance", i.e., gold, silver, from circulation. Your are personally EXEMPT from all liabilities incurred by virtue of your status of citizenship and birthright.






    Now what do you want to do about it all?

       May I suggest to "take charge"?

    What does that mean?
    Many things, of course.

    Take charge could be to become the leader, and take the lead.
    Take charge could be to Accept the Charge, and add it to your own portfolio.
    Or take charge could be a way to assert control over your affairs, and your life, and take care of what you need to know for your own good. Like Learning the UCC and how "money" works.

       A conveneint way to "Take Charge" is to take control over the vessel, that belongs to YOU, the flesh and blood, living, breathing human being.  This vessel has your name on ALL CAPITAL LETTERS., called your "Dummy / Strawman" Corporation created for you, by your Birth Certificate, (Certifying a Value) which entered you into "commerce" when they Registered your Certificate with the "Department of Commerce", but it's floating around on the high seas (of commerce) without a navigator or a Captain at the helm. You may want to take control of that entity, because if you aren't controlling it, then someone else may be, and probably is. A UCC-1 and a Bond with Your Strawman, is one way to take control of the vessel.

    As a matter of fact, we have found evidence that our Birth Certificates and Social Security Numbers are being used by international traders on the marketplaces, and the TITLES to our "Vessels" (Our Bodies) are being traded back and forth by rogue slave traders, mostly rogue agents of the BEIC, I would imagine, since the BEIC became Washington DC, and anyone using the Titles without our express consent, would be a rogue agent.

    The next step to Freedom for any individual would be to set up their Account properly, as to give authorization for the use of the Account (Exemption), to the Treasury, who created it. If you are the Person who created a debt, you are also the person, who must give authorization in order to use your Account to Discharge the Obligation. So, one way to do this would be to Deposit a Certified Copy of Your Birth Certificate with the Treasury Department, as a Deposit and Chargeback.

    Until this is done, it is likely that someone has been using the Title to your Vessel to accrue all kinds of international debts, and likely you are being held accountable for these debts without even knowing it.

    (Take Charge, Then Chargeback) -

    And now that you have taken control of your Vessel, and you know nobody else is going to be using it, because YOU are now using it for your benefit, you can sail on your vessel in luxury, knowing you own it now, and you have the Priority Claim. You are now Primary Lienholder on your Vessel, and that says a lot. Your filing in the UCC is your evidence of your position in line, and first in line, is the first position. Your position is now on Record.

    Who can now make a claim?
    If anyone does, are they going to be in first position?
    Will they have to get behind you, in order to get their claim satisfied?

    Well, what if someone comes in with a claim against your Vessel, (Strawman), and get's all hot and ancy with you?
    What can you do?

    How about settling the claim by Accepting it For Value, giving "Value" to it with your signature, and directing the chargeback through the Treasury? Wouldn't the Treasury then liquidate the claim, using your Exemption for "Set-Off"?   Isn't that the purpose of the Limited Liablity Insurance Policy Called Social Security Insurance, created right after the Bankruptcy of 1933?

    Now before you go out doing anything which may harm the "public", you may want to post a "bond" of some sort, like an Indemnity Bond on your Exemption, to indemnify, against all possible damages your ship may cause at Seas (US Commerce) to other vessels also at Sea. Thereby creating an insurance pool for those at risk.

    Now you can sail on merrily, Free as the wind and where it will take you on the sea. Hopefully Forever Free.

and in the meantime...the international bankster masons will wonder amongst themselves, what are we going to do if this poor pleb keeps emitting letters of credit from his website,

he is surely a credit to society....

whatever will we do to try to discredit him?

he is teaching all about credits and debits...oh my!....what will the Queen say?