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All-Inclusive World View Paradigm

Higher life forms reside on etheric planes, not material planes.

   Everything we view, we view from material planes.

   This presents a serious dilemma, so we must detach from belief systems for a moment, and imagine.

    Each individual soul, is represented on a higher level, by a formless but conscious "essence".

   Each essence is a God/dess constituting both male and female aspects.

   Each essence is an evolving being. In order to achieve maximum growth, experiences are necessary.

   One popular way to gather these experiences, is to incarnate in different bodies in different worlds, each with different purposes, and growth potential.

    Choosing to play the game of physical incarnation, consists of two different major playing fields, and several minor ones, as well.

    The major playing fields are divided into 2 categories, sequential, and simultaneous. These are then divided into further subcategories of limitations and possibilities.

   The majority of incarnating beings are involved in Sequential incarnations. These include all aliens in the universe. The minority are Simultaneous incarnations and these are limited to only humans on Earth.

   Sequential incarnations can retain all memories from previous lifetimes and incarnations, however, spiritual progress is slow, as all beings evolve as a group. Therefore, the fastest evolving can only evolve as fast as the slowest evolving in the group.

   Simultaneous incarnations do not retain any memory of previous incarnations, however, they incarnate in many different time periods, in parallel dimensions of Earth all at the same time, therefore evolution and spiritual growth is exponentially faster.

    Sequential aliens cannot access their higher selves on higher densities, and therefore have no way to know what is "unseen". In other words, no conscious astral travel for aliens. Simultaneous humans can access their higher selves depending on the conditions set forth by their higher selves, therefore allowing conscious astral travel and knowledge of the unseen worlds of the ether levels.

   Limited knowledge of the spirit compels aliens to seek more and more technology. The ability to retain knowledge from past lives, allows for expanded scientific technology and growth in the areas of intersteller travel and life extension. Limited knowledge of spirit keeps aliens desiring to extend their lives indefinitely. This is the nature of the Reptilian Queen from Orion.

   Earth is a physical location in this part of the physical galaxy, but there is also a spirit of the planet Earth as well. The Aliens figure that if they can harness and control the spirit of the Earth and Humanity as well, they can control the Human evolutionary cycle of Simultaneous incarnations. This is what aliens have been doing since the beginning of time. This is part of the game.

   The aliens and humans are divided into two categories of nature. Light and Dark. Some aliens are light polarity, some are dark. Some humans are light polarity and some are dark. Polarities are part of the evolutionary cycle. Both are necessary for completing the quest for experience which leads to ultimate soul growth.

   The Game, as it is called by the aware, is made up, always, of light and dark polarities, and always a Game to keep spirit evolving. The game that is played out here involves, like in many other Universes, and Galaxies, Sequential Incarnations who are slow evolving, attempting through both light and dark manipulations, to control Simultaneous incarnating beings who would threaten the existence of power and control maintained for Aeons by the technologically savvy and advanced sequential incarnations.

   Both paths consist of Light and Dark polarities. Aliens who have moved past light and dark polarities and moved onto faster evolutionary paths and joined the Human Simultaneous experience, next have to go through the rebalancing of polarities as a human, as light and dark, and then graduating after having achieved non-polarity "balance".

   Everything else is just an individual way to play the game, and that is why the perspective you currently have is neccesary for your individual path and survival.

    Everything we do revolves around the fear of death, so we celebrate life, and LIVE for each day and try as we do, to make the world a better place. A "better place" is relative to our current polarity and path. One beings creation experience leads to another beings destruction experience. That is all we are doing here.

   The law of allowance says that if you want to be free to create, you must allow others to be free to destroy. Because each is necesary for the totality of the experience, which leads to soul growth. To deny someone that experience is to interfere with their path, and that is not following the law of allowance. Without Dark, there would be no light. Without light, there would be no dark. With no light, and no dark, there is no experience.

   Live life, and experience! ... And when your dead, remember that was just one more experience.


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