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About Me

My name is Josh Bempechat. I was born on May 1st, 1969, on a witch's sabbath on Beltane.
A stubborn Taurus, Rooster. In other words, I like to wake people up.
No way around that for me. It's part of my destiny, I suppose.
I am the Hierophant. The Magus of the Eternal (The Inner voice, Divine Wisdom, Manifestation, Explanation, Teaching, Occult Wisdom), I am a Prince of Pentacles.
I was born in the City of Angels, California.
When I was about 5, I was fascinated by dinosaurs, like most children at that age. But, I was a bit of a nerd about it. I knew the names of probably 25 different ones. I really loved learning about them.
I had a fairly liberal Jewish upbringing, being taught a wide variety of dirty words at the young of 5, I was prodded by my grandparents to call my parents dirty names before I even knew what they meant. It wasnt out of disrespect in our family, it was all in humor. I never hade religion pushed on me. We celebrated Hannukah & Christmas. Passover and Easter. When it was time for my Barmitzvah, which I did in order to please a family relative who wanted with all her life to see me have one, why I do not really understand, but I agreed to go to Hebrew school to learn Hebrew so I could recite the Torah. I did this , but I questioned EVERYTHING, like "How do you know God said that?", "Who was there to record it and how do you know that person was telling the truth?", "How am I supposed to believe Jonah was swallowed by a whale, whales don't eat people?", and so forth. Not to be bothersome, I just could not understand why all the students around me took all this stuff seriously, I may have been 11 or 12, but I knew how to think for myself, already, I guess. Most kids didn't, but they would all laugh at my questions when the teacher would struggle to answer me to pacify their curiousity, so, when I would constantly ditch class, and stay out for long periods, walking the perimeter of the school, they would not complaint about my 30-40 minute bathroom breaks twice a day. I don't think the teachers missed me. I didn't miss much in class, I 'm sure.
By the time I was 7 and Star Wars come out in the movie theatres, I had already seen around 200 horror and sci-fi films. I saw Star Wars 7 times in the theatre that year. I could not get enough of sci-fi no matter how much I watched until Alien came out in 1978. That scared the shit out of me. 1st movie ever to do that. My grandfather and I used to watch Star Trek and the Twilight Zone together every evening before dinner. Close Encounters came out in 78, and ET in 80 or so. I was a veteran by then. My favorite films were the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad and the Land that Time Forgot. The Land of the Lost was a favorite T.V. show also, and then V came out on TV, I was very interested in it. You could say, mythology, ancient dinosaur films, King King, Godzilla, Star Wars & Raiders of the Lost Ark really had an impact on my youth.
By the time I was 10, I was reading books on magic, and using a Ouija board to contact "ghosts". At least I believe I was. My mother and I would sit with it and nobody else would be present and I would ask for the spirit to prove it was a real being and objects would go flying across the room from several feet away. The planchette would fly around under our fingers and we would have to scramble to jot letters down and keep up. I used to bring friends over to my house and have my "ghost friend" show off for them by throwing random objects all around. Very exciting. Maybe this was adolescent sexual energy showing off as "Poltergeists", as some might conclude. I experienced amazing things during this period of time, is all I know for sure.
I tested my psychic skills early on and shocked myself with fear. The very first time I tried to guess cards with my mind, I picked the correct cards, Number & Suite, 3 in-a-row. The fourth try failed. I got very scared and didn't try that again for some time. I'm still not sure how I did that, to this day. It was one of the strangest experiences in my whole life, next to watching objects fly across the room on "command".
I had no fear of the unknown or supernatural at all, really. I found it very interesting and "cool".
We moved to Florida at age 12 and I started catching water mocassins with my hands along the canals in Florida, even copperheads, which were huge and very intimidating, but I never handled one of those. I caught all kinds of creatures out there. I loved the jungles and everglades. I love reptiles and snakes are a favorite of mine. I had no fear, but I was young, reckless and a bit naive and stupid, even. How I did that stuff, amazes me to this day. I still love reptiles though, but I don't go around handling the poisonous ones anymore.
I lost my father at an early age of 13 to lung cancer. I was a very angry and rebellious teenager, always getting into trouble and being arrested. I soon learned I had better tame that wild aspect of myself if I wanted to lead a decent life though. For many years, I've worked on that part of myself with care.
I started reading New Age and Occult science books at an early age. Robert Monroe and Journey's Out of the Body, was around the age of 14, if I recall correctly. I also read Edith Fiore "The Unquiet Dead" about possession under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I saw this happening in some friends of mine at an early age. I guess you could say this was my intro to "Shamanism". I read the "Way of the Shaman". At the age of fifteen, I had a 30 year old girlfriend for over a year. It became a bit of a regular thing for me to seek out older women for a few years.
Also, at fifteen, I read a book called "Acid Dreams - LSD, the CIA and the Sixties Rebellion, because I was getting ready to try the drug. But unlike most kids my age, I wanted to know about whatever it was I was going to put in my body or brain. I had already been using cannabis for stress relief since my father passed away, and some of my friends were talking about this as if it were a "miracle" drug. Needless to say, I was curious. I was a Heavy Metal kid, listening to Motley Crue, WASP, Dio, Metallica, Iron Maiden & Black Sabbath, but my favorite band was Pink Floyd. Well, after taking acid, my friends started going to Grateful Dead shows and I followed along. Soon, the Dead became one of my two favorite bands and I could no longer stand listening to heavy metal anymore. The Grateful Dead provided for me, a spiritual environment to thrive in the occult lyrics and the master guitar work of Jerry Garcia. I found my home. Attended a couple Rainbow gatherings and fully understood that there were people who were living an "alternative lifestyle" to the drudgery of modern waking life. These people were living as if they were actually "alive" and not dead enterprising profit makers for a defunct broken down slave labor based "system". I liked that and I never held a job working for the "system" in my whole life.
In 12th grade, maybe age 17 or so, I wrote a report on the Iran Contra Scandal based on a video I had rented from an alternative video store. It was called The Iran Contra Cover-up, by Daniel Sheehan. Documented in the film was Oliver North's plan for FEMA camps in the US and how the questioning of this had been a matter of "National Security". I started studying the JFK assassination after this. In High School, I started attending Craig Hulet lectures in the Southern California area. I was listening to KPFK, liberal left leaning radio, and Nome Chomsky bored the shit out of me. Pompous arrogant ass who uses too many elaborate words to convey simple messages. I liked Dave Emory and Mae Brussel a lot. But it was Craig Hulet who really impressed me the most. I attended his lectures frequently and learned all about George Bush's father Prescott Bush and the financing of Hitler and the Soviet Union, who he had studied and learned this from Antony Sutton. I bought America's Secret Establishment, an Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, by the age of around 19. I was working for Greenpeace right out of high school. Going door to door, canvassing out of the Venice Beach office from 1989-1991.It was here that I was presented with an audiotape from an elderly woman, you could say she was the "Grandmother" of all of us at Greenpeace. She was a very kind woman with a tremendous knowledge of the workings of the world. We had many great conversations and one day she gave me 2 casette tapes. One of a talk from John Lear and the other a Talk by Bill Cooper of the "Secret Government" and "Aliens". This had me VERY interested in learning more. I attended a UFO expo in 1989, 3 months prior to the release of Behold a Pale Horse. I met Bill Cooper in person along with Jordan Maxwell. I learned from Jordan Maxwell the truth about religion "to a degree". Meaning I learned that Christ was symbolically the "Sun", and that Christianity was based on Astro-theology. I learned that around 1989-90. So, all my studies on the "right" had to be tempered with the knowledge that the Christians were a bit loopy in their mental makeup. I read Ralph Epperson's The New World Order. And soon afterwards, Scarlet and the Beast by John Daniel. I had to learn to separate "Fact" from "Fiction". Fortunately, we had a bookstore nearby in Santa Monica called "Mandala Books" run by John and Nicole. We also had the Bodhi Tree, and Phoenix Bookstore in Santa Monica and Atlantis Books in Glendale. I started hanging around Mandale Books ALL the time. One day I started reading an article in a Magazine entitled "Leading Edge Research" from Yelm Washington. This was a publication put out by Ex-NSA and CIA people who were Rosicrucians, in my best estimate. They were all about pulling in ALL of the collected information that was being suppresssed all around the world, from agents in dozens of countries, to expose the inner workings of the Secret Government. I really liked this journal but it was $12 each, every month, so I used to read it in the store as much as I could. Around issue #52 or so, I read an article titled "Who Owns the Environmentalist Movement?" and just the title got me angry. WHAT? NOBODY OWNS ME, I thought, and what is this all about? It was about how multinational and transnational corporations were creating cleaner air and fuel standards for the sole purpose of buying up and eliminating the competition from smaller companies that could not afford to make the technical changovers in their facilities, to meet all these new standards. They could easily be bought up this way and them competition eliminated. I realized I was working for a corporate shill organization. Greenpeace was named, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the World Wildlife Fund as all being corporate shill groups for large BIG business. At this same time, I was 19 or so, at Grateful Dead show at Shoreline and had just read an article in High Times about a new Cannabis Legalization initiative headed by Jack Herer that was about to start collecting signatures. I met Jack at a Hemp Booth at the Dead show and he loaned me a copy of the Emperer Wears No Clothes, his book about HEMP and all the 50,000 commercial uses for it and how it was suppressed in the 1930's due to corporate greed and corruption. After readiung this book, I realized that I needed to work for Hemp legalization since it would accomplish 85% of what we were working for in Greenpeace. A planet in balance with nature. I must have been a natural born hippie, I soon realized. Jack soon introduced me to John Allegro and the Sacred Mushroom and the Cross (1970). This book changed my life. Religion was completely dead. I started to teach this at the Hemp booth I ran in Venice beach with Jack.
I never went to college except for the Degree in Philosophy I recieved from the Harvard Philosophical Academy. I'm not sure how much weight it carries worldwide, but It cost me a pretty quarter from the Acme Bubble Gum Co. of Boston, MA.

I did a lot of syudying into the UFO culture as well. I started reading Gods of Eden by William Bramley and the 12th Planet by Zacharia Sitchen. Also, Alien Identities by Richard Thompson & more.
The problem was, I was sick of left wing radio and politics because I could not learn much about the conpiracy on the left. Everyone talking conspiracy was on the right. Here I was a tree-huging Earth loving left wing hippy who was addicted to studying the politics of the extreme right. Very different than most folks my age or anyone I knew or could meet, for that matter. I realized than I was truly an anomaly. The UFO community is a very strange group of people. My type of freaks, to a degree, but sometimes they can bit a bit much for me.
I started working closely with Jack Herer and collected the most signatures in the state of California in 1991. I also did the same in 1994 and helped collected hundreds of singatures for Dennis Peron in 1996 Medical Marijuana in California. I had a huge 25 foot wide booth on Venice Beach, alongside Jack's other two booths stretching the whole boardwalk in Venice. I was given freedom to sell ANYTHING I wanted off my booth. I started reading books like "Proofs of a Conspiracy" and selling copies off the booth to passer's by. I was reprinting these. Jack turned me on to his favorite book in the world, "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross" by John Allegro. I started republishing it and selling it off the booth in 1992. I made a pamphlet which was a booklet of all titles of conspiracy books and papers published listed in it, along with an "Introduction" I wrote for the booklet and I sold these for $3 to help survive, along with the t-shirts and books on growing cannabis, and Hemp bracelets we made, to sell to the public. I survived doing this for almost 8 years on Venice beach, every single day, when I was not on Dead tour on the West coast. I had dozens of books from "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" by Nesta Webster, to Videos by Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones & Anthony Hilder. This was right before Alex started his radio program. I have followed it for years, not because I agree with Alex, but to keep my finger on the "pulse" of the conspiracy movement. I had met Hilder and started carrying all his videos as well. I even had a television and video with a generator on venice beach to show people the films. I started drawing lots of attention from the police when I started making signs about Sovereignty tha twere 3 feet in height, with the Laws printed on them, showing our rights. I started learning and teaching "Sovereignty" on the beach from my booth and the authorities did not like this one bit. After legalizing for Medical Use in Cali, in 1999 I started growing with a doctor's note and my live-in girlfriend who had cervical cancer. We got arrested a couple times and these arrests were just 2 of the 7 I faced that one year for my activism. Set up, like bowling pin, just to knock you down, and wear you thin" as Jerry would say in "Truckin".
I was reading everything I could get my hands on. Eustace Mullins, The Montana Freemen, Constitutional Law studies, etc. I was attending the Grenada Forum in Grenada Hills where all the Christian patriots met and had invited guest speakers. I used ot set up with my info booth at these events and meet lots of interested and paranoid crazy religious folks as well as normal people trying to find out what was going on. Black Moors learning Constituional law and Sovereignty and not many Jewish folks anywhere to be seen. I was also reading all the Leading Edge Journals, and bought all the back issues back to #20. I still have most of my Nexus mags, Free American, Media Bypass, and I was reading all the Matrix books, that were compendiums from Leading Edge Research. John Grace, who started it called hiself Val Valerian now, and he was close with John Lear. I felt he was the most sincere person on the planet, I could find. He was presenting everything that existed that was concealed and related to conspiracy or secret technology, etc., for study and research. I think I must have spent more time reading than anyone I knew. Literally hundreds of books over the years.
In 1997, I launched, a website which soon grew to be the biggest, most vast conspiracy oriented website on the internet. By the time I took it down in 2011, I was getting 100,000 per day, easily. I took it down because it needed a complete revamping, but I lost the domain name and never put it back up until 2017, under I was too busy with other projects.
In 2007, I wrote a book called the "Politics of Pot" and never released it except to a few close friends. It was based on all the legal "theories" I had studied, but the book could make it tempting to go out and use the methods described, which I was concerned about because it wcoul dlead to legal problems for many people. At this point, I will be adding it to the site, as a Free Reading with the suggestion not to apply the methods discussed unless one truly has no options or desires to experiement with their "Freedom". Many of my thoughts and feelings and beliefs have changed over the years and I certainly don't want to lead anyone down dangerous roads without forewarning.
I started a News site in Feb 2917 called FreedomWorldNews, but soon got bored with the work of maintaining it and trying to start "anew". Its still up, and might get more attention one day. If I ever get any "help" with anything. I do everything myself, and its not always fun.
Starting in 2016, I started on what I consider to be my life's most important work. I had a profound realization while pondering many things about the future of the world and information that we all take for granted, inclusing myself. I felt I had an understanding of the history of the world, and I could relate that to people with a DVD of some kind. I wanted to combine my knowledge of aliens, the Roots of religion, psychedelics, and the history of the Goddess, into a wholistic view of the world that would be easy to understand and relate to. BUT, the only problem was, I was not 100% sure that I knew the truth, just yet, and the last thing I wanted to do was present information to the public, like some truth researchers had done already, and then have to go back and change it or withdraw my conclusions based on newly discovered evidence. So, I realized I had about 70 more books to read on the most important topics of my interest. I delved head first into this new project and read, read, and read, every single day till I was reading 1 book per week or two. I'm currently 3/4 of the way finished with this part of my project. And, BOY has my mind changed considerably!!! - Many of my old beliefs and ideas have been shed like a snake sheds its skin and begins living in new, fresh skin. I no longer believe in many things I believed in previously, and I still believe in some of the most outrageous material I learned when I was younger, just not all of it.
I'm waiting for someone to refute Credo Mutwa, and to this day, nobody has. I have a close friend who actually had a real life Reptilian shapeshifting encounter at a Masonic Lodge meeting, mind you, so my theories are still open-minded in many regards. As far as "ancient aliens" in the Bible, absolutely NOT! - I believe I have completely overcome these ideas and claims, and I have found Zacharia Sitchen to be a complete fraud, intentionally misleading the public for profit. There are no Annunakki or Nephilim as it related to "aliens". I'm sorry to diappoint people. That will be presented in my final works in the near future. I have found that many people are often too willing to believe the outrageous instead of the most plausible solutions. This is disappointing. The internet has turned from a place to get alternative ideas, into a place where you are flooded with false ideas and beliefs to distract you. This needs addressing. The way sites are built, they are restricting to the average person, and very little information gets across, with far too much advertising. I am very opposed to this platform and paradigm.
Some people have questioned my intentions, my background and my associations. There is a bit of information on here that will cause some people to label me as "satanist", "luciferian" or even worse "evil". Warlock is not a bad box, Magician either, Sorceror is probably a bit misleading for me to be boxed into, but I realize there are some people who are actually Cats and boxes are their "Thing". I will assure everyone I have never been a Mason, never joined a witch-coven or secret lodge and I have no evil tendencies whatsoever. Not that those people are all evil or anything.
Now I can hear people asking me to define "evil". Malicious intent to harm another individual or group. That's the simple definition for you.If you came to this site as a Christian, you might leave as a Pagan, that's my fair warning. With Love.
My whole purpose is to enlighten the world as best as I have been able to enlighten myself. I believe in Magick, and I believe we are all Magicians and our belief in ourselves is the quality of our magicianship. The Love in our hearts is the rocket fuel, and The Focus, or soul desire to achieve or accomplish a particular task is the momentum.The goal is "manifestation" in our lives, thus "reality". That's magick for you. Love is a very important part of making magick happen. One can make magick happen with hatred too, but it requires a lot more energy and it drains the life force. Some people don't mind if they look like the Emperor in their old age, but I'll choose to go like Obi Wan Kenobi instead. Even if I'm the last Jedi.
Enjoy the site! - Place your focus elsewhere on more important matters than I.
If you have questions, feel free to ask. Thank you for your time and attention. If you read this and desire to support me, please use paypal, bitcoin and etherium. I need the support so I can work full time on these projects. I don't want or need fame, but I'm not nearly as opposed to forture.