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This website has undergone a complete transformation. It is not done yet. Updates coming soon.

I am currently working on a new project. I expect this to take approx. 4 years to complete. I'm almost half way through. The idea is based on taking all the knowledge I have concerning the history of the world, and the origins of religion and making a DVD to help educate people. This involves taking the viewer back through patriarchy, to matriarchy, exposing the hidden history of psychedelics, the Goddess and even aliens, possibly. It started out with the intent to include dinosaurs that lived with man at one point, and also dragons and the history of them on earth. I'm currently trying to see if this still fits in with the narrative. Not so sure at the moment, but that's an area I have yet to delve into more. I felt I needed to read at least another 70 books before I could begin my work because I didn't want to end up like some researchers out there, having said things that were blatently untrue, and having to go back and recall info i stated as truth. I was not 100% sure I knew enough to actually present a well researched history of the world. The books I needed to read more included books on Ancient Aliens, The Original Biblical sources that the bible came from and the religions it was borrowed from, like Babylonian, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, etc, as well as Greek myths, and Roman history including the beginning of the Church. The stories of Jesus and the origins of such. The Nag Hammadi Library, The Enuma Elish, the , the Atra-Hasis, Adapa and the South Wind, and everything the so called "experts" claim they have checkd into themselves and verified. and other ancient texts like the stories of Gilgamesh, the Descent of Inanna into the Underworld, and Enki's World Order, etc. Every book that existed on the history of ancient aliens, psychedelic mushrooms as well as background on the Goddess and her role in religion and pre-history.
WOW! What a job! - But, I felt i'm certainly cut out for it, and I feel the need that this gets done before i leave this world is very important. What have I done with my life that I feel good about? Plenty. But how will I feel if I don't complete this? Not so good.
I feel I have an obligation to do something my my knowledge and this is how I can best serve humanity. it's very important for people to know the hidden history of the world and religion, IMO. Politics today is a direct result from this history, and the more people understand ancient history, the more power they have over modern politics, is the way I see it. Since I started learning, the world has been waking up to EVERYTHING I learned about, approx 10 years or so, later. So, I estimate now that in 20 Years from now, "Goddess" will be the New "Illuminati". People used to laugh at that word, but not anymore. Now everyone knows something about them. The future is the Goddess, the roots and origin of religion. This was an Earth-based religion that held the earth as our Sacred Mother. We will return to this or we will face extinction. All I can do is help pave the way. And I'm happy to do that. Once when I was arrested, the police officer told me "You're only problem is that you are about 10 years ahead of your time". I took that as a profound compliment. Its been like that my whole life. lol
I feel like I have reached a point in my awareness where I can teach quite a bit more than Jordan Maxwell or Bill Cooper could. Both of them were missing very important elements of history and religion. I have penetrated much deeper. I could only hope to achieve a fraction of the knowledge Joseph Cambell had. Or Manly P. Hall. Both of them I have a lot of respect for. So, if anyone is reading this and they have mad video technical skills and want to help me do this right, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can't do it myself.

July 20, 2019 - Republication of Politics of Pot & Final Preparations for Publication of Ancient Psychedelia - I am currently in editing phase for Ancient Psychedelia: Alien Gods and Mushroom Goddesses - The book as well as the 7 hour DVD should be available by Nov. 1, 2019. Visit the website for more details.

I am also going to be making my book The Politics of Pot available again, around the end of the year, hopefully to coincide with my other book publication. I'm editing the Politics of Pot and rewriting parts of it to update it. The Table of Contents is available to view here.