The Occult Matrix
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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Occult (Hidden) Knowledge

Ancient Religion of the Mother Goddess (Coming Soon) Nanotechnology / Chemtrails / Morgellons
Anglo-Saxon Israelism, Black Nationalism & Rastafarianism National Insecurity / CIA, NSA, NSC, FBI, ETC.
Assassinations & Political Hits New World Order / One World Government Agenda
Banking / Federal Reserve System Oklahoma City Bombing
Bankruptcy & the War Powers Act of 1933 Police State USA
British Israel, Anti-Semitism & Zionism Population Control (Foods, Medicine, Vaccines)
Bush Crime Family Quotes - Founding Fathers
Clinton Crime Family Quotes - Misc.
Consciousness Quotes - New World Order
Constitution & Law Redemption - (Roger Elvick's Commercial Process)
Cryptocurrencies - (Coming Soon) Religion (Roots of)
Cults & Misc. Societies Sacred Geometry
Davinci Code DECODED - Map of the World Power Structure Secret Societies (Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Priory of Sion)
Drug Wars / Civil Liberty Losses / CIA Connections Skull & Bones
Education & the Intentional Dumbing Down of Society Sovereignty & Sovereign Citizenship
FEMA & Concentration Camps in America Spirituality
Free & Renewable Energy / Tesla & Other Inventors Symbolism & Occult (Hidden) Meanings (Coming Soon)
Freemasonry Temple of Horus / CPU Connection
General Corruption & Items of Public Interest Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth
GAALT - Is This the Most Powerful Corporation in the World? Tracking & Surveillance
Health & Healing Alternatives Truth Movement Gatekeeper Alex Jones & Prison Planet
Hemp & Cannabis Weather Control - Wilhelm Reich, Tesla & HAARP
Illuminati What is God and Who Was Jesus? (Coming Soon)
Internet & the Digital Age UFOs, Flying Saucers & Aliens
Language Conspiracy United Nations - International Criminals in Admiralty
Militias in America 666 Beast, Sandia Labs and the Lilith Connection
Mind Control (Electronic) 911 Revisited - CNN Video Fakery, CGI Cartoon Airplanes
Mind Control (Monarch) 911 America's Karma, Temple Mount Jerusalem Plan WWIII
Mind Control (Propaganda)  
Missing Original 13th Amendment (Titles of Nobility Prohibition) Can you Tell which is these is Real and Which is Fiction?
Montana Freemen / our One supreme court / County Rule Can you Pass this 8th Test from the Early 1900's?