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Personal Writings & Rants

Why Conspiracies Interest Me and How I Stumbled Onto All Of This

I think I wrote this around 2008 or so. This is just a personal rant about my youth and early use of psychedelics. Its not much, but if you really want to understand me, this might help. Involved learning about MK-Ultra first, then personal experimentation. This is why they try to keep psychedelics so illegal. They don't want to create lots of thinking people, like me. People who would never stop asking questions until they got to the truth. People who would reject their system instantly. lol

My Thoughts on Political Activism (How to Avoid Contributing to the System)
After the Hemp Initiatives Approx. 1998
The Beginning of

Life is an Illusion : A Masons Game of Chess
I wrote this article around Dec. 10, 2001. Since then I have gotten quite a few e-mails regarding
how positive it made people feel to know there were other people out there who felt the same way.
This is something many people seem to be able to relate to, and I appreciate the comments and compliments.

The Matrix, Zion and the Holy Grail
I wrote this more recently in March 8, 2005. It is based on the connection between the movie the "The Matrix"and the Merovingians and their "Holy Grail Bloodline" and Mount Zion (Sanai) in Israel/Palestine where the Temple Mount once lied.
The connections between Zion, the Priory of Zion, and the One World Government are explored.

The Matrix, Zion and the Goddess - Sept. 2017
I wrote this recently to address the current global religio-political system that dominates our society and the whole world, which is controlled by the very few, backed by corporate governments and leading us ALL into a lifelong debt slavery hinged on product/consumption (business enterprise) and destruction of precious land and sacred forests due to harvesting of natural resources and rape of the earth in order to maintain an ongoing patriarchal religious "God" based agenda. In the Matrix, Zion represents the Earth, nature, and the original organic environment of the "feminine" earth with its ability to give birth to human lives, vs the mechanical nature of the Robots built by "man".

The System (Also Known As Babylon) Written Sep. 2007
This is an indictment on the commercial banking and fiat money credit monopoly and the lies needed to maintain it and the truths in law concerning contracts, jurisdiction, and controlling law. Nothing I write is ever meant to be taken as legal advice. Please remember, this entire website is for Research Purposes Only and self-education, not applicable paractical law. The reason I say this is because our courts have been taken over by criminals mostly and the more you expect to get justice, the more injustice you might recieve.)

Playing the Game - Sept/Oct 2007
This was written after I read what I felt at the time was probably the spiritual based and truthful book I had ever encountered, Matrix V. Unlike the previous editions, this Matrix V was based on and written from an advanced incarnate astrally traveling conscious soul. What do all these fancy words mean? He can tell us things that very few people can confirm, but there seems to be much evidence of, an understanding of the nature of reality and our purpose here, spiritually. Also, about the Matrix or construct of the physical slave world in which we live and are building. This book is now out of print and difficult to obtain, but can probably be found digitally somewhere. This writing was inspired from reading all three volumes, which I own.

Starwars and the Freemasons - Approx. 2008
I wrote this basically to address the ideas of the Jedi spirituality, Zen, Taoism and ideas of planetary conquest by the masons and secret controllers, which I speculate George Lucas to be. A great artist, and amazing script, too. These are just ideas and rantings on the movie and power structures.

All-Inclusive World Paradigm - Sept. 2007
This is something I put together to explain the essence of the Matrix V Gold Edition, Vol. 1-3
Its spiritual and philosophical outline, which can benefit many of us to learn about. I consider it advanced spirituality, if there ever could be any. Lots of very good principles and concepts.

E-Mails Recieved from 2000-2006 For
This is enjoyable if you have lots of time to spend reading.
There are very positive and beautiful e-mails and some nasty negative ones as well as some neutral and crazy minded ones, all for your enjoyment.