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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


     The Politics of Pot:   A Study of Facts and Fictions

                                             Table of Contents

About the Author                                                                                              Page 2
Introduction                                                                                                     Page 3
Sovereignty Basics                                                                                           Page 4
Revolutionary Wartime Sovereignty Cases                                                         Page 5
Traveling Without a License                                                                             Page 8
Chapter 1: Pot Basics 101                                                                               Page 10
Petitioning in California                                                                                    Page 11-12
Chapter 2: Secret Societies and World Power Structures                               Page 14
Magna Carta and the Knights Templars                                                             Page 15
Rosicrucians and Priory of Sion                                                                         Page 16
Red Cross, Roman Invasion, Amanita Muscaria                                                 Page 17
Chapter 3: An Introduction to Law                                                                Page 20
The Code of Hammurabi                                                                                   Page 21
Danish and West Saxon Law                                                                             Page 23
Sir Edward Coke                                                                                              Page 23-24
Glorious Revolution and Declaration of Rights                                                   Page 25
Bank of England Charter                                                                                   Page 26
The Hanover Dynasty                                                                                       Page 27
Creation of the Bar (British Accredited Registry)                                                Page 28
Chapter 4: British East India Company                                                         Page 29
Boston Tea Party                                                                                              Page 29
Dutch and India Opium Trade                                                                           Page 30-31
Chinese Slaves                                                                                                 Page 32-33
African Gold Mines and Negro Slaves                                                               Page 34
Hague Convention and the Black Market                                                           Page 34
Chapter 5: The Con of the Con-stitution                                                         Page 36
The Mayflower and the New England Company                                                Page 36
The Virginia Company                                                                                     Page 37
Prosperity in the Colonies                                                                                 Page 39
Causes of the Revolutionary War                                                                      Page 39
Drafting of the Constitution                                                                               Page 40
Chapter 6: The Con of Con-tracts                                                                  Page 43
Who is bound to the Constitution?                                                                     Page 43
Court Cases in Support of State Sovereignty                                                      Page 44
Montana Freemen - Self-Government Charters                                                   Page 45
Marriage Contracts                                                                                           Page 46
Definitions: Assumpsit, Collateral, Contract, Consideration, Dishonor, Holder
Holder in Due Course, Principal, Valuable Consideration, Value                         Page 48-50
Chapter 7: The Original 13th Amendment                                                      Page 51
Titles of Nobility                                                                                              Page 52
The War of 1812 and the Burning of the Library of Congress                              Page 53
Virginia’s Ratification                                                                                      Page 54
Chapter 8: The Civil War - A Freemason Feud by Design                              Page 57
Albert Pike and the 33rd Degree                                                                         Page 58
Founding of the KKK, Military Pre-organization of the Confederacy                   Page 59
Secession                                                                                           Page 60
Chapter 9: Lincoln, the “Greenback” and Martial Law                                 Page 61
Lieber Codes                                                                                                    Page 63-64
National Banking Act of 1863                                                                           Page 65
Chapter 10:  The 14th Amendment & the Anti-Slavery Scam                        Page 66
“Persons” Defined                                                                                            Page 67
Court Cases – Colgate/Harvey, Slaughterhouse, Tashiro/Jordan                          Page 68
Chapter 11:  Surprise!  The United States is Now A Corporation                   Page 71
An Act to provide a government for the District of Columbia 1871                     
Cases – Clearfield Trust Co., Bank of US/Planters Bank of Georgia, District
of Columbia/Cluss, People/Kelly, Howard/Commissioners Sinking                     Page 72-73
State of New Columbia                                                                                     Page 74
Definitions – Corporation, United States, United States of America                     Page 75
Chapter 12:  Lawyers, Judges, Word Manipulators & Other Con Artists      Page 76
British Lawyers arrive in America                                                                     Page 76
Attorney/ Client Relationship                                                                            Page 80
Trial by Jury / William Penn                                                                             Page 82
Trial by Jury Peter Zenger                                                                                 Page 83
Conflict of Interest and Corporate Member of the BAR                                      Page 84
Freemasonry and the BAR Association                                                              Page 85-87
Original Supreme Court                                                                                    Page 88
“Code” Defined                                                                                                Page 90
Null and Void Laws – Court Cases                                                                    Page 91-21
Definitions – Artificial, Artificial Person, Attorney, Civil Law, Consent,
Controversy, Court, Fictitious Plaintiff, May                                                      Page 93-94
Chapter 13:  Oil, Cotton, and Pharmaceuticals  -
The Rockefeller, Whitney, Bush & Skull & Bones Connection
                       Page 95
Jack Herer and the 50,000 Uses for Hemp                                                          Page 95-98
Oil and the Rockefellers                                                                                    Page 99-100
Yale, the Whitneys, and the Cotton Gin                                                             Page 100-101
George Bush, Zapata Petroleum, Zapata Offshore                                               Page 101-102
Chapter 14:  The Federal Reserve Act & the Great Gold Heist                      Page 103
The 1st Goldsmiths                                                                                            Page 103
Bills of Exchange                                                                                             Page 104
Jekyll Island 1910 and the Aldrich Plan                                                             Page 105
Federal Reserve Act and Quotes by Lindbergh, McFadden, Rothschild                Page 105-107
Modern Money Mechanics                                                                                Page 108-109
Chapter 15:  Emergency Banking Act of 1933                                                Page 111
Definitions - Stramineus Homo, Strawman, Dummy, Dummy Corporation,
Effigy, Fictitious Name, Transmitting Utility, Chattels; property                         Page 111-113
More Definitions – Certificate, Registered, Security, Surety                                Page 114
Bankruptcy of 1933 – State of National Emergency                                            Page 115
Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 and 1933 (People Declared the Enemy)       Page116
Chapter 16:  Admiralty Law/Maritime Jurisdiction (Asset Seizure & Booty) Page 117
Benedict on Admiralty and Vice-Admiralty Courts                                             Page 117-118
War Powers Act and Corporation under North Carolina 1933                              Page 119
In rem Proceedings Asset Seizure (Booty)                                                          Page 119
Definitions – Prize, Prize Court, Dock, Docket, Document of Title,
Warehouse Receipt, Delivery                                                                            Page 120-122
Chapter 17: Commerce and Commercial Law                                                 Page 123
Suspension of the Gold Standard and HJR 192, June 5, 1933                               Page 123-124
“Discharge” Defined                                                                                        Page 124-125
Erie RR v. Tompkins, Swift v. Tyson, Clearfield Doctrine                                  Page 125-127
“Judge-Made Law” Defined                                                                              Page 127-128
Chapter 27, CFR, Definitions, Subpart B – Commercial Crimes                          Page 129
Almeida-Sanchez v. United States – Hauling Marijuana, No License, Not Guilty Page 129
Definitions – Account, To Accrue, Attach, Attachment, Bank, Bank Acceptance,
Banker, Banker’s Acceptance, Banker’s Note, Bankruptcy, Bill of Exchange,
Bond, Bondage, Business, Call, Cause, Cause of Action, Chamber of Commerce,
Charge and Discharge, Clearing House, Clerk, Collateral, Commerce,
Commercial Law, Commercial Paper, Comptroller, Consideration, Credit,
Creditor, Credits, Currency, Debit, Debt, Debtor, Dishonor, Dollar, Double Entry,
Draft, Equity, Exchange, Fiducia, Fiduciary, Fiduciary Capacity, Fund, Goods,
Hell, Holder, Holder in Due Course, Honor, Hypothecate, Instrument,. Interest,
Internal Revenue, Invoice, Issue, Law Merchant, Ledger, Levy, Liability,
Negotiable, Negotiable Instrument, Negotiation, Note, Obligation, Party, Pay,
Policy, Private Bank, Purchase, Revenue, Secured Party, Securities, Security,
Security Agreement, Security Interest, Surety                                                     Page 130-152
Chapter 18: The Private / Public Matrix                                                        Page 153
Chapter 19:  Why Medical Marijuana Prop. 215 is Not Law                          Page 155
Chapter 20:  Cases of Judicial Contempt for the Law                                     Page 157
Stephen Ames Jr.                                                                                              Page 157
Baby Seized by State Police from Mother’s Hospital Room                                Page 161
Ron Lutz : 15 Years for Passing a Check                                                            Page 165
Roger Elvick Political Prisoner                                                                          Page 165-166
Chapter 21:  Taking the Law into Your Own Hands                                      Page 167
Montana Freemen and Elizabeth Broderick                                                        Page 167
Chapter 22: Redemption Song: The Song of Freedom                                    Page 170
“Value” Defined                                                                                               Page 172
More on Ron Lutz                                                                                            Page 173
Transcript of Conversation With Roger – When do you have an agreement?        Page 174
Pre-Payment through Birth Certificate                                                               Page 176
Commodity Contracts / Prisoner Bonds                                                              Page 176
Government operates on Assumption                                                                 Page 179
Roger’s New Discover of Acceptance                                                                Page 180-183
Prisoner Bonds / Accounts Being Traded on Wall Street                                     Page 184
Prisoners are Collateral for Walmart                                                                  Page 185
1099OID and INT                                                                                            Page 186
Involuntary Bankruptcy                                                                                    Page 188
Purpose of the Strawman                                                                                  Page 190
Secret Service Investigation of Roger in 2001                                                    Page 191
Re-Arrest of Roger / New Procedure / Appearance Bond / Release                      Page 194
Confession and Avoidance                                                                                Page 199
Chapter 23:  Word Games :  Criminal or Commercial?                                 Page 201
Definitions – Charge, Charges, Complaint, Information, Indictment, Accusation,
Offense, Tort, Obligation, Count Declaration, Cause of Action, Claim, Bill,
True Bill, Case, Allege, Alleged, Arraignment, Bail, Bailee, Bailiff,
Bench Warrant, Charge Sheet, Cognizance, To Commit, Convict, Judgement      Page 201-211
Chapter 24:  The Sovereign Activist & True Freedom                                    Page 212
6 Arrests in One Year – Van Nuys, San Bernardino, Venice Beach                      Page 212
Acceptance of Contracts / Turning Things Around                                             Page 224
Conversation With Roger Elvick                                                                       Page 225
Back in Court                                                                                                   Page 229
Letter to the Judge                                                                                            Page 233
Another Conversation With Roger Elvick                                                          Page 240
18 Months of Probation Forgotten / Case Dismissed                                           Page 246
Chapter 25:  The Prison Industrial Complex and Bonding                             Page 247         
Owners of the Prison System in America / A.G. Edwards, Merrill Lynch            Page 247
Correction Corp. of America, Paine Webber, CUSIP Numbers                            Page 248
American Legislative Exchange Council                                                            Page 249
Jack Smith and Jean Keating’s Research                                                            Page 250
How to Beat Criminal Charges in Admiralty Courts?                                          Page 252
Chapter 26:   The STRAWMAN is Dead!   Long Live the Qualified Heir!      Page 265
Issues are all Contraband Until After Tax                                                           Page 266
The Decedent (Strawman) Cannot Leave a Will                                                  Page 267
Chapter 27:  The Pen is Mightier than the Sword                                           Page 268
Winston Shrout, Harford Van Dyke and Sam Kennedy                                       Page 268
Notary Presentment and Certification of Dishonor from the Notary                     Page 269
Self Executing Confession of Judgment, Notary Deposition, Distress Warrants,
Affidavit of Negative Averment , Demand Bill of Particulars, Evidence File,
Waiver and Non-Consent, Moving the Court, Notice of Successor Surety            Page 270-271
Maxims of Law in Commerce and Lien Process                                                 Page 273
Additional Court Procedures                                                                             Page 274
Chapter 28:  Supplemental Documents and Sample Forms                            Page 279
Acceptance Letter                                                                                             Page 280
Accounting Instructions to Accompany Acceptance Letter                                  Page 281
Notice of Rescission of Signatures                                                                     Page 282
Deposition with Notary                                                                                     Page 283
Bonding a Court Action                                                                                    Page 285
Affidavit of Specific Negative Averment                                                           Page 286
Chapter 29:  Basic Sovereignty Revisited - Non-Acceptance & Non-Consent Page 291
Robert-Arthur Maynard                                                                                    Page 292
Affidavit of Intent of Non-Consent                                                                    Page 292
Notice of Understanding of Intent and Claim of Right Concept Introduction        Page 292
Scottish Claim or Right                                                                                     Page 295-296
Notice of Understanding and Claim of Right (Form)                                           Page 298
Constructive Notice of Claim of Right to Possess Cannabis                                 Page 302
Conditional Acceptance of Offer and Re-Draft (For use with Police Officers)      Page 303
Chapter 30:  Conclusion and Final Words                                                      Page 305