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Catalog Project - This site started with a catalog I self-published on Venice Beach in 1995 or 1996. The catalog was put together and distributed in 2 forms. The first form was a little $3.00 booklet that had the original introduction that I wrote, summerizing the problem and how I believe we got here. This was several pages of concentrated information on a variety of subjects including Religious Symbolism, Secret Societies like Illuminati and Freemasonry and Skull and Bones, the Wall Street Bankers, History of the Bush Family, uses for Hemp and Marijuana, Rockefeller control of the AMA and Education, Hulda Clarks Fluke Worm Cancer Therapy, Flying Saucer/Free Energy Technology, Alien Myths, and Truths, Brainwashing, and the Killing of the King James Shelby Downward JFK "coincidences". This pamphlet was titled "The Secret History of America : The Greatest Conspiracy on Earth".

Then there is the Catalog postion which includes hundreds of books, dozens of videso, and thousands of article "headers" from magazines demonstrating the enormity of the information being kept from us. That was the reason for the whole project. To show the magnitude of the situation and how much information there was about things that the government and special interests do not want us to know about.