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Welcome Page & Directions

This page basically allows people to learn how to navigate the website.

This page contains basic tidbits from the previous site as well.

The ANNOUNCEMENTS page will help you find NEW info that is being added to the site.

The PERSONAL WRITINGS page contains all my writings and rants. I get inspired from time to time and I like to write. Its basically creative writing from the depths of my mind on a variety of subjects depending on what I feel is important in that moment.

The KNOWLEDGE BASE is where the majority of data is held. All subjects are listed here, along with a brief introduction to that subject and then books and videos that may be obtained that will help one learn more. This is the "heart" of the site, along with my personal writings. The Books and Video Links are NOT Updated yet and will not work. I hope to fix that in the next 3-6 months.

NEWS ARTICLE will be a place to see news articles that will be posted in a gradual Column format. The Mainpage will have Months listed and the Pages linked to from there will have all the News for that Month. - I do not promise to keep this updated, however, I will add to it as I can afford, timewise. If I recieve financial support, then I will spend more time on this part. otherwise, it will be only as time affords.

The VIDEOBASE will be where people can find links to great videos, either on Youtube, or elsewhere. The problem with this, and I have tried previously to do this, is that Youtube keeps removing good videos so I have to keep providing new links. There is not much time to do this, but i'll try to keep it updated and interesting. Another area I cannot make promises on.

The DIGITAL DOWNLOADS section, I am hoping will help me afford to maintain this site on an ongoing, daily basis. I will have lots of obscure and out of print conspiracy and patriot related, Constitutional Law and other important documents here for purchase. I intend to make everything very affordable and to only list the most important documents I have access to. I don't know how this will go, but its something I've wanted to try doing for some time.

The STORE/SHOP will be a place where recommended products can be purchased. I will only be listing goods or services I feel completely confident advertising. If its beneficial, I will sell it here. Consider it an "Infowars Store" where all your money actually goes to something REAL and Important, instead of a huge multimillion dollar infomercial operation like Alex Jones has. I am not bought and paid for and I'm no Zionist shill.
I deserve the support from the public and will be seeking it for the first time in my life.

The BOOKS & SUGGESTED READING section will be where you can learn all about the books I've actually read. Hundreds of them. I will also name my highest recommendations here, and why I feel they are important for truthseekers to read.

The LINKS Page is OLD - You will find hundreds of links here to websites that have not been rebuilt in over a decade. The "Old Internet" I like to call it. There are LOTS of great links and if you care to send me more, I'll review and list them here. This is an invaluable resource to replace the "google search" for conspiracy or related websites. many listed here are not within reach anymore from standard Google Searches, unfortunately. This could be a major hub for cross referencing knowledge.

Contact me if you have important information to share, or you have important questions. I try to reply to everyone, if i have time. I care about the whole world, and I want your feedback or input. Its valuable to me and important, too.